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The Learning Commons (LC) is a collaborative environment which fosters critical thinking skills, creativity, and continual learning by providing student support services and academic guidance. This atmosphere encourages both students and faculty to learn, teach, and share ideas.

NCCC recently announced a $25 million dollar project to create a new Learning Commons center. During the construction phase of our new facility the Learning Commons will be relocated to the second floor of G-building (G-218). We will continue to offer all of the same student services and resources during this time.


Exterior Egress (PDF)
Swing Plan (PDF)
Where to Access Building Entrances/Exits (PDF)

NCCC Construction Schedule

02-27-2017 (PDF)

Construction Updates


Please be advised that beginning today, July 17 through August 31, 2017 the steel erection for the Learning Commons project will be undertaken. A crane will be on-site lifting steel members over the unoccupied D building, as is required by OSHA standards. We expect the crane to be on the north and south areas of the existing D building for three-week increments, each.

We do not anticipate any major disruption in campus activities but there may be limited times of reduced traffic in the crane working area if required by safety protocols.

As usual, please be mindful of construction related traffic and movement of heavy machinery on campus. There should be no entry into the D building or other construction areas by non-construction personnel.


The Learning Commons Project is making great progress. Demolition and abatement are completed. Both the north and south ends of the D/E buildings are opened up and being prepared for the construction of the new front and rear facades. The new mechanical courtyard is progressing with structural footers and excavation activities completed. A specialized vendor safely X-Rayed the D building interior substrate to identify high-voltage lines in anticipation of completing sanitary and HVAC piping. Exterior courtyard elements where removed in preparation of becoming interior space.

Additionally, the following tasks are currently underway:

  1. Contractors are laying out and installing new stud walls in E-Building.
  2. New ductwork is being installed in the 1st floor of D-building.
  3. Exterior of D-building is being repaired and patched and being readied for new windows and paint.
  4. The courtyard atrium structural footers are 40% poured.
  5. The plumbing contractor is completing sanitary and storm-water tie-ins for the new rest rooms and Tim Horton’s.
  6. Fire alarm and lighting conduits are being installed on 1st floor D-building

Completed installation of new poured concrete mechanical equipment pads in the 4th floor mechanical room of D-building. The area is now ready to install new equipment.

As a reminder, the college community should be mindful of construction activities taking place on the front and rear of the campus as well as construction traffic entering and exiting on campus roads. Please yield to truck traffic when necessary and be safe when walking around the construction area.


Please be advised that the female restroom on the ground floor of E building, west hallway (E109), will be closed for construction activities beginning on Monday, April 24. Additional restrooms are located in G113.


A crane will be lifting gas piping onto the roof of E and G buildings on Friday, April 14. Please be advised that the crane areas will be restricted from internal and external traffic during the lift period of 8am-4pm. Safety cones and barrier tape will be installed to assist in cordoning off restricted areas.


Please be advised that all pedestrian traffic may be restricted into E building, North side, on Wednesday, April 5th, between the hours of 6am and 8am, for removal of vegetation. All pedestrian traffic should enter via the G building entrance to the east of the closed area. Safety spotters will be monitoring and directing any foot traffic in the area.


The Learning Commons project is progressing on schedule. Current work involves demolition and abatement of the D building floors 1-4 and the mechanical room. E building floors 1 and 2 are also undergoing demolition and abatement. Preliminary work was completed on the front of D building; including reconfiguring of outside lights and preparations for moving the bus shelter at the end of the current semester. The campus community can expect to see demolition and abatement activities through the end of the spring semester with courtyard work to begin thereafter.

As a reminder, please note that the rear (north) of the campus is busy with construction related traffic; faculty, staff, and students should be mindful of trucks and heavy equipment when walking in the area.


The western hall of first floor E building (E100-112) will be closed during March 11 through March 19, 2017 for construction related activities. Temporary partition walls will prevent entry into the space. The eastern most corridor will remain open.


Our Construction Manager will redo the fencing in the rear/north of the campus as we observed pedestrian traffic taking place through an active work zone. Our egress plan calls for fencing to encompass the “green” and force foot traffic to stay on the asphalt pathways on the rear/north of the campus. This is not happening in the current configuration and is of course dangerous and unacceptable. Additionally, Jim Lobdell will have grounds staff remove the faculty/staff parking designation from the first row of lot 5 to allow for dedicated construction worker parking. This will free up spaces in lot 7 for faculty and staff as they have been contacting me regarding construction worker parking issue.

Please be reminded that safety is everyone’s responsibility and while steps are being taken to provide a safe construction work-site, faculty, staff, and students should be mindful of trucks and worker traffic on the rear/north of the campus.

Last Updated: 6/13/17