Business, Technology and the Arts

Division Contact

Don Topolski
Division Chair
Arts & Media Building, F-153
Business, B-138

Main Phone:
716-614-5960 (F-153)
716-614-6460 (B-138)

Jennifer Parris, Division Assistant
Lisa Poole, Division Assistant

Technical Theatre Forms

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Form Excel PDF
Sound Cues download 1 download 2
Circuit Schedule download 3 download 4
Color Cut Sheet download 5 download 6
Cue Sheet download 7 download 8
Express Cue Sheet download 9 download 10
Focus Chart download 11 download 12
Instrument Schedule download 13 download 14
Magic Sheet download 15 download 16
Lighting Inventory download 17 download 18
Sound Inventory download 19 download 20