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Empire State College

Empire State College features individualized degrees without a pre-structured curriculum; therefore, students who want to pursue a dual admission agreement should speak directly with a counselor in Student Development at NCCC (614-6490) or with a representative from Empire State. Locally, Empire State has offices in Lockport (434-0272) and in Buffalo (853-7700).
The following description regarding individualized degrees and subject areas was taken from the Empire State website:
Individualized Degrees: Empire State College recognizes that learning is based on the objectives and needs of each individual student, that learning occurs outside the classroom and that different people learn in different ways. The use of individually designed degree programs actively fosters your participation in planning and designing your education. With the guidance of a faculty mentor, you can plan and design a program to meet your personal and professional needs and goals.
Subject Areas: Because Empire State College appreciates that educational needs and interests can vary from person to person, we do not have a pre-structured curriculum. Instead, we have identified 11 broad academic areas within which you can design studies according to your interests and in the context of general college expectations for academic study. You may study traditional subjects in a traditional manner, or you may design innovative degree programs and incorporate various nontraditional modes of study. By drawing on a variety of instructional resources, you may design programs of study not offered at other local colleges and universities.