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NCCC Distinguished Alumni Award

The NCCC Distinguished Alumni Award, first given in 1988, is presented each year to graduates of NCCC who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their life, career, and volunteer activities. The award is one of the highest honors that the College bestows to those who can point to NCCC as the place where they obtained their start. Recipients are selected on the basis of professional and personal accomplishments, community service, and unique background.

See a complete list of our past winners along with their biographies and photos.

Nomination Criteria

The nominated individual must have completed 50 or more credit hours at NCCC to be considered for this award; yet it is strongly recommended they are a graduate. Nominees must have graduated or transferred from NCCC 10 or more years ago. Nominees cannot be current NCCC, NCCC Foundation, NCCC Alumni Association, NCCC College Association or Housing Board employees or Board members. Nominees are to be retired from the entities mentioned above for two years prior to September 1 of the nominating year. Persons running for political office will not be considered during the campaign period.

Guidelines and Procedures

Submit the Distinguished Alumni application form using the button below and answer the questions in a one-page narrative. A resume or bio must be included with the application, but is not considered a replacement for the narrative.

You can also mail in a copy of the award form along with the one-page narrative and resume/bio.

Distinguished Alumni Application

Deadline - Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Return completed form and supporting documentation to:
NCCC Alumni Office 
3111 Saunders Settlement Rd. 
Sanborn, NY 14132

or email completed form and supporting documentation to:

Paul Lamont photo

Current Recipient

2018 Distinguished Alumnus
Paul LamontClass of 1986
Inducted October 20, 2018

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Ellen Latham photo

Current Recipient

2018 Distinguished Alumnae
Ellen LathamClass of 1977
Inducted October 20, 2018

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Michael Messina photo

Current Recipient

2018 Distinguished Alumnus
Michael MessinaClass of 1983
Inducted October 20, 2018

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Meet Our Recent Distinguished Alumni Recipients

Deborah Karp Coder photo

Deborah Karp Coder
'77 and '88 »

Inducted October 15, 2011

Joanne Stanton photo

Joanne Stanton '80 »
Inducted October 20, 2012

Pete Robinson photo

Peter Robinson »
Inducted October 19, 2013

Dr. Paul Churder photo

Dr. Paul Churder '75 »
Inducted October 19, 2013

Patrick Sorge photo

Patrick J. Sorge '85 »
Inducted October 18, 2014

Jim Toellner photo

Jim Toellner '78 »
Inducted October 17, 2015

Jennifer Pitarresi photo

Jennifer Pitarresi '83 »
Inducted October 21, 2017

Phyllis Floro photo

Phyllis Floro '88 »
Inducted October 21, 2017