NCCC Alumni Association

Carrie Boye Roof

Carrie Boye Roof photo

Year: 1993
Major: Fine Arts
Career: Owner, Boye Creative Group, LLC

What do you do?

"My brother and I started this company in 2004. We produce high-end creative work in the form of identity/branding, packaging, print, websites, jingles, radio and TV ads, and video for presentations. Every day is different and I love it."

How did attending NCCC help you along your path?

"NCCC really helped me to build a strong foundation with my study skills and learn school/work life balance. I liked the smaller class sizes and all of my professors were amazing and top notch."  

What makes you so passionate about NCCC?

"I had a really great experience as a student at NCCC and I want others to know that they can have the same type of experience."

For me, NCCC…

"Was a great beginning. I loved going to school every day and learning new things. Now that I look back on my years there, I really feel that it was one of the best times during my early adult years. Going to NCCC was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!"

If you could say one thing about the help that our donors could provide, what would it be?

"I would encourage people to give so that they could help a student or students that are just starting their college career. What they do or give will really make a difference."