NCCC Foundation / Alumni Association

Presidential Partners

The Presidential Partners program was formed in 1993 by the late President Gerald L. Miller. Foundation Board Members, Professor James Mezhir and Ann Briody Petock, proudly serve as co-chairs. Presidential Partners are a generous group of individuals who realize the importance of education to our region's economic health and are committed to ensuring the continued availability of the high quality, affordable education and programs NCCC has provided to this region for over 50 years.

Presidential Partners contribute $1,000 annually toward scholarships. Membership is renewable annually, with their permission.

If you would like information about becoming a Presidential Partner, please contact Deb Brewer, NCCC Foundation Director, at 716-614-5911 or email

Presidential Partners 2013-2014

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Abbondanza
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Armstrong
Ms. Lisa Babcock and Dr. Laura Pless
Dr. Eunice Bellinger
Mr. and Mrs. William Bevacqua
Dr. Mark Bonacci and Mr. Don Luce
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Bonnevie '74
Mr. and Mrs. James (Deb) Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. Gouverneur (Louise) Cadwalader
Mr. and Mrs. Gene A. Carella '70
Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Ann Michele '72) Cerrone '73
Mr. Peter I. Certo '73
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Chamberlain
Dr. Maria Crea
Mr. and Mrs. David DiCamillo
Ms. Jean D. Doctor
Ms. Katherine Dolce
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dombrowski
Mr. Robert Dotton and Dr. Frances Sorge-Dotton '70
Dr. and Mrs. Martin Drake '75
Dr. Roger Fiedler and Dr. Mary Jane Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. John F. (Vicki '68) Fuerch '68
Ms. Susan Geissler '74 and Mr. Pete Henderson
Ms. Jane N. Haenle
Ms. Colleen Johnson '96
Mr. David Karwick
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck (Donna '10) Kilroy
Dr. and Mrs. James P. Klyczek
Mr. and Mrs. Jack F. Kopczynski
Mr. Anthony D. Mancinelli
Mr. Donald Mazzullo

Mr. James Mezhir '68
Mrs. Gerald L. Miller (Dorothy) and
Mr. William H. Miller '80
Ms. Michele Mistriner '83
Mrs. Marilyn Molyneaux
Dr. Cindy L. Oberjosh '77
Dr. and Mrs. Salvatore (Lillian '71) Passanese '73
Mr. and Mrs. Steven (Christina Cerrone '06) Pecoraro
Mr. Adam W. Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel (Ann Briody) Petock
Mrs. Julia Pitman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reese '74
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Reid
Mr. Fred Rickan '81
Ms. Paula Sandy
Ms. Jayne Schaber
Mr. and Mrs. William (Ramona) Schickling
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Schuler
Mrs. F. Robert Sdao
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Siddall
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sinclair
Mr. and Mrs. Henry (Bonnie) Sloma
Ms. Sheila Smith
Mr. Jeffrey F. Swiatek
Dr. Virginia M. Taylor '76
Mr. and Mrs. James Turner '87
Mr and Mrs. Dennis Virtuoso
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Winter '74
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wojtaszek
Mr. Jerald I. Wolfgang