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Establishing a Scholarship

Endowed Scholarships

Numerous NCCC friends have established endowed scholarships to benefit students pursuing their higher education goals. Endowments provide donors with the capability of "Touching Lives & Building Futures" for students, alumni, retirees, their families and the community. While at the same time the endowment's returns assure there are funds for annual scholarship awards that perpetuate for many years to come. The entire scholarship endowment has reached more than $3 million, with more than 50 scholarship funds.

Criteria for Scholarship Award

Donors choose the criteria and purpose of the scholarship with consultation from the NCCC Foundation. Scholarships can be named in memory of a student, alumnus, retiree or special loved one. Specific disciplines of study can be selected for the scholarship award. The most admired scholarships by NCCC students are those open to all, enabling the most diverse group of students to benefit from a scholarship award. Depending on the contribution amount, naming ability for on-campus buildings, rooms, and focal points can be secured.

Giving to Scholarships

Since 1987 donors have generously donated their dollars to fund scholarships for NCCC students. Scholarships are often named to honor the memory of loved ones. Others are named in tribute to alumni, board members, faculty, retirees, organizations, and companies. The Distinguished Student Scholarship awards are the most prestigious scholarships given to high school seniors in Niagara County. It is two years of tuition-free education at NCCC for students who exemplify superior academics, community service, and commitment to Niagara County. Donors may direct their contribution to one of these existing funds.

List of scholarships