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Niagara County Community College
Launches Micro-Credentialing

Beginning fall 2019, NCCC will offer credit and/or non-credit courses/activities called micro-credentials that help students develop and authenticate their professional competencies and personal development. Micro-credentials may take a few hours or a few weeks to complete.   Successful completion of a micro-credential or a series of micro-credentials (called stackable credentials) may “stack” into a credit bearing degree or certificate program.   Students will earn digital badges that can be immediately available to employers and others via one’s online curriculum vitae and social network.

The focus here is on providing industry driven skills, the opportunity for personal growth and a linkage between credit and non-credit coursework. Today, industry often pays for their workers to improve their on-the-job skills.  NCCC will work with industry leaders and the community to provide valuable coursework, learned skills and meaningful experiences.   Current micro-credentialing projects involve: Business Essentials (including Project Management, Finance, Computing Leadership and Emotional Intelligence); Cloud Computing; Art History; and Diversity & Inclusion.  More micro-credentials will be developed as the initiative grows.

Human Resources is going green

Over the last few years NCCC’s Human Resources Department has promoted a more environmentally friendly department. Routing processes are scanned instead of making paper copies for departments and documents are saved on a shared drive to free up space in the office. Most recently, the office implemented a talent management system where all advertising is online as well as the search process which has reduced the need for paper packets by one third! Human Resources is currently working on employee performance appraisals and onboarding through the same system that will result in maintaining performance appraisals in the online system rather than on paper. This will include employee self-review procedures, as well as the ability for supervisors to review and comment during the process. Both employees and supervisors will have access to the system. Onboarding will be done electronically and maintained in a computer system reducing about 75% of paper generally used during the onboarding process. In addition, the office is also working on implementing Faculty Load and Compensation procedures through the Human Resources Information System which would result in appointment letters being routed through our Banner system in lieu of multiple copies being distributed.

PRODiG grant proposal approved

SUNY approved NCCC’s submission for a grant focused on Promoting Recruitment, Opportunity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Growth (PRODiG). This grant presents a unique opportunity to subsidize under-represented minority and women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields, and tenure track faculty positions on campus. Eligible hires will have SUNY subsidize their salary up to $90k for year 1, $45k for year 2 and $25k for year 3. This PRODiG program is set to run until 2030, so NCCC has the potential to benefit from a significant cost savings.

Illuminated view of the Learning Commons at night (photo by: Gene Avallone)

Illuminated view of the Learning Commons at night (photo by: Gene Avallone)

NCCC to invest in eco-friendly lighting

The College is investing a $52k National Grid rebate from the Learning Commons project to re-invest in additional energy efficient fixtures. Retrofitted interior lights will result in a savings of 273,312 KWH and replaced exterior lighting will result in a savings of 12,790 KWH. The total savings of 286,102 KWH annually is equal to 202 metric tons of CO2 emissions being reduced! That is the equivalent of 22,766 gallons of gas utilized for personal vehicles, or the annual consumption of electricity for 35.3 homes. This installation of new fixtures will be leveraged for additional rebates. Equivalency data pulled from: https://www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator

Day of Giving

Day of Giving

Niagara County Community College’s Day of Giving is a one-day online campaign to benefit the students, faculty, staff, and community of NCCC. On Tuesday, December 3, 2019 we’re calling on our Thunderwolves family – our alumni, our friends, and our community – to come together for 24-hours and show what NCCC means to you by making a charitable donation. Generosity builds connection and the NCCC Day of Giving celebrates the College community. On that day, NCCC will be taking gifts and pledges around the clock! We will also be on social media and email with photos, videos, challenges, and more! For more information and to participate in NCCC’s first Day of Giving, please visit http://niagaracc.suny.edu/connections/day-of-giving.php.