Jean Linn,
Cataloging Librarian & Archivist

Phone: 716-614-6787

NCCC Archives Guide

Access to the Archives

Limitations in the way in which archival materials can be used may be dictated by the physical condition of the materials, its confidentiality, or restrictions placed by the donor.

  1. Restricted Materials
    Official college records and documents not published nor intended for general distribution are considered confidential and
    access to them is restricted to designated and authorized individuals. Permission to use such materials must be received from the office of origin.
  2. Unrestricted Materials
    Unrestricted materials are available for use in the Archives room or the Library by both Regular
    and Affiliated Borrowers. These basic guidelines apply to use of unrestricted archival materials:
    1. The Archives Collection does not circulate and no materials may be removed from the Library.
    2. Patrons must call in advance or submit a written request for use of archival materials to the Archives Librarian or the Chair of the Library. Requests should be specific, naming items needed and inclusive dates.
    3. The Archives Librarian or the Chair of the Library supervises access to the archival materials and its use within the Library.
    4. Photocopying of materials may be done in the Library building provided materials are not confidential, restricted by the donor, nor damaging to the work being copied.

If you have questions relating to the Archives or NCCC history, contact the Archivist for more information or to schedule a visit.

Donations of documents, photographs, memorabilia, and other items related to the history of NCCC are welcome within the limits of available space and resources, with the understanding that they may be used for educational purposes.