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Nursing students Secretarial Science Professor Gern Jaeger Students in Technology Center Dental Assisting students Classroom instruction, 1968 Culinary Arts students Library Reference Desk Professor Jean Adjemian Students in math class Students in Computer Lab Business students in typing class Nursing student reviewing charts Student studying in Library Learning Center Student working in Sculpture and Ceramics Laboratory Student in Technology Laboratory Student in Mechanical Technology Laboratory Students learning electrical technology Student in Chemistry Lab Student in Science Laboratory Students in Drafting Lab


NCCC Women's Soccer Team NCCC Men's Baseball Team, 1977 NCCC Men's Basketball Team playing Jefferson Community College NCCC Men's Baseball Team, 1995 NCCC Women's Volleyball Team, circa 1980 NCCC Cross Country Team, The Harriers NCCC Men's Wrestling Team, 1987 NCCC Women's Soccer Team, 1996 NCCC Women's Softball Team, circa 1981 NCCC Men's Basketball Team, 1995 NCCC Men's Basketball Captains, 1987 NCCC Women's Volleyball Team, 1997 NCCC Women's Volleyball Team, 1987 NCCC Women's Soccer Team, 1992 NCCC Men's Volleyball Team, 2000 Aerobics class, 1987 NCCC Women's Basketball Team, 1995 NCCC Bowling Teams, 1987

Campus Views

NCCC's original home The Library Learning Center Aerial view of Niagara Falls campus Students tending to ornamental shrub gardens Aerial view of Sanborn campus, 1975 Aerial view of Sanborn campus, 1986 College sign at Saunders Settlement Road, circa 1985 Swimming pool, circa 1980 Entrance to Library Learning Center View of campus in spring, circa 1990 Courtyard in spring, circa 1995 Aerial view of Sanborn campus, 2008 Entrance at the original Niagara Falls campus, circa 1967 Stairway at A-building, circa 1980 Ernest Notar Administration Building, circa 1990 View of garden courtyard, 2000 Courtyard in winter, circa 1992 Library as viewed through the NCCC Foundation garden gazebo NCCC Foundation garden gazebo, 1999 Gym set up for graduation ceremony, 1988

Events and Activities

NCCC Commencement Ceremony, 1965 Ceremonial groundbreaking of NCCC's Sanborn campus, 1970 Welcome Back Social, 1979 NCCC sports mascot unveiling Virtual reality demonstration Dr. Richard Panek presenting a program Niagara Falls Culinary Institute ribbon-cutting ceremony Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Rally Veterans Memorial Service NCCC Commencement Ceremony, circa 1978 New York State Governor Mario Cuomo visiting NCCC, 1993 Ides of March toga party, 1966 Dr. Sal Passanese and the Science Professionals Club Vietnam Wall Memorial, 2001 Founders Day Celebration Dinner at Parkway Inn NCCC President Donald Donato promoting a United Way drive Student performing at Talent Show, 1995 Tug of War at the Welcome Back Picnic, circa 1976 Future Secretaries Association installation of officers Arbor Day celebration International Food Fest Spring Week concert


roup portrait of NCCC Faculty, 1967 Communication and Media Arts department Group portrait of Theatre Faculty Portrait of Sal Passanese NCCC Professor Emeritus James Kimbrough Youth for Understanding cultural exchange students NCCC Nursing student Darcy Williamson NCCC History Professors Professor of Communications Arthur Taylor Group portrait of cafeteria staff NCCC Founding President Ernest Notar and his wife Clara The founding student staff of NCCC's newspaper Group portrait of NCCC Buildings & Grounds staff NCCC Nursing Faculty Cathy Peuquet and Elena Perone NCCC Foundation Board of Directors Engineering Technology Professor Don Voisinet NCCC Excellence in Service Award recipients Portrait of NCCC Faculty members Portrait of NCCC Foundation Board of Directors, 1987 Group portrait of NCCC Nursing Faculty

Theatre and Performing Arts

Swing Choir, 1984 Summer theatre students, circa 1994 Student actors performing Cabaret, 1991 NCCC Production of Dark of the Moon, 1994 NCCC performing A Chorus Line, 2002 Wind Ensemble, 1975 NCCC Production of Where's Charley?, 1985 Student actors performing West Side Story, 1990 NCCC Production of 12 Angry Jurors, 1997 NCCC Production of Fiddler on the Roof, 1980 Choir at the Festival of Lights, circa 1999 NCCC students performing the Sound of Music, 1977 Niagara Community Orchestra performing at NCCC, 1981

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