Facilities Maintenance Worker

DATE DUE: Continuous


Full-time, year round, hourly position reporting to the Facility Manager of the College Association of NCCC, Inc.


This position performs semi-skilled maintenance work needed to maintain a student residential housing complex. The work primarily involves the performance of a variety of maintenance tasks including heating, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, masonry, and painting trades. This position reports to the Facilities Manager of the College Association of NCCC, Inc.


  1. Performs semi-skilled work related to maintaining and repairing plumbing, mechanical, and carpentry repair work in a residential housing complex
  2. Performs all duties in a manner consistent with residence life operations and in line with the goals and expectations of the Residence Life Program
  3. Completes maintenance work in a timely manner to create a positive experience for residence life students
  4. Adjusts controls and makes routine checks to ensure proper performance of HVAC and mechanical equipment.
  5. May install, maintain, and repair a variety of electrical equipment and appliances.
  6. Installs and repairs doors, door hardware, and locks.
  7. Checks buildings daily to ensure building systems are operating (e.g., HVAC, elevators, lights, roof, and doors).
  8. Helps install and repair wiring systems, electric fixtures, and equipment.
  9. Performs minor repairs on windows, doors, floors, ceilings, walls, roofs, and other parts of the buildings
  10. Installs and repairs general plumbing equipment, such as sinks, toilets, and baths.
  11. Assists in cleaning and repairing boilers, air handling units, pumps, heaters, pipe lines, valves, traps, and other mechanical/ventilating systems.
  12. Removes snow and ice, as needed, from main walks, emergency exits, pathways, and steps.
  13. Performs cleaning tasks such as removal of rubbish, vacuuming, cleaning windows and doors
  14. In general assures that the facility is clean at all times.
  15. Operates trucks, automobiles, air compressors, and other motorized equipment
  16. Performs a variety of other related skilled and unskilled maintenance tasks as required


Minimum age 21 years
Must have a H. S. diploma or equivalent
Two years of experience working in general building maintenance
This position is subject to a criminal background check.


  1. Ability to perform work requiring physical effort such as bending, climbing, reaching, lifting, and prolonged crouching or crawling in cramped spaces.
  2. Willingness to be exposed to disagreeable conditions such as dirt, grease, grime, and offensive sights or odors
  3. Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position
  4. Working knowledge of modern building operations and maintenance
  5. Working knowledge of practices, tools, and terminology of heating, electrical, carpentry, painting, and plumbing trades
  6. Semi-skilled in performing maintenance tasks in the aforementioned trades
  7. Knowledge regarding appropriate use of cleaning chemicals
  8. Ability to understand and follow written instructions
  9. Ability to work from plans, specifications, and rough sketches


The employee must possess a valid NYS motor vehicle operator's license at the time of appointment and maintain such license for the duration of employment.


Resume and application can be submitted to