What’s Next

2017-2019 Distinguished Student Scholarship Graduates
What's Next?

Russell Apfel photo

Russell Apfel – Computer Information Systems

Future Plans: During his time at NCCC, Russell acquired an internship with Cornerstone CFCU in their IT Department which has resulted in full-time employment.

What the DSS Award Means to Him: As a recipient of the DSS Scholarship, I have truly enjoyed my college journey, welcomed many new experiences, built new relationships and take away not only an Associate’s Degree in Computer Information Systems, but also a wealth of memories.

Zachary Congi photo

Zachary Congi – Math, Computer Science, & Physics

Future Plans: Zach will continue his education at the University at Buffalo to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and one day become a software engineer.

What the DSS Award Means to Him: To me, the DSS Scholarship was an incredible acknowledgement from NCCC of the time and effort I put in to my classes during high school. This scholarship was a crucial part of my decision to attend NCCC because it allowed me to focus more on academics for which I am thankful for.

Abigail Ostolski photo

Abigail Ostolski – Liberal Arts: Math & Science

Future Plans: Abby will continue her education at the University at Buffalo in the Nuclear Medical Technology Program.

What the DSS Award Means to Her: The DSS Scholarship has given me one of the greatest opportunities in my life. It allowed me to focus solely on my career path while enjoying my first two years of college debt free.

Gwen Schuler photo

Gwen Schuler – Accounting

Future Plans: Gwen will continue her education at Niagara University in Accounting where she will be working towards receiving her CPA. She hopes to one day become a Police Officer.

What the DSS Award Means to Her: I am truly thankful for the DSS Scholarship and the NCCC Foundation for their gracious acknowledgement of my achievements with this award. This scholarship allowed me the opportunity to take classes I’m interested in and learn as much as possible without the worry of financial costs.

Jake Toczek photo

Jake Toczek – Liberal Arts & Science

Future Plans: Jake will be continuing his education at the University at Buffalo where he plans to earn his degree in Chemistry so he can one day work in a lab setting.

What the DSS Award Means to Him: To me, the DSS Scholarship solidified my decision that NCCC was the right school for me to attend because it showed me that they cared about my success. NCCC and this scholarship helped me to feel that I wasn’t just a number and that they truly wanted me here.

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