Continuing Professional Education

NCCC Industrial Electricity and Controls/PLC

This program focuses on Electrical Theory, Electrical Control and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). Proper use of hand tools, measuring instruments and how to efficiently troubleshoot and repair the electrical components of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) to controlled machines and processes are covered.

Topics studied independently via computer-based instruction followed with real-life lab activities on real-world hardware trainers assure hands on expertise, understanding and demonstrative proficiency. Students will work with the Subject Matter Expert at the Training Center. Learning topics discussed, labs monitored and reviewed and completed lab manual assignments reviewed for accuracy and understanding.

Workplace Safety is stressed throughout the course.

Part 1: Electrical Controls, Connections and Ladder Logic - 60 hrs

Topics include:

electrical circuit

Electrical Safety, Voltage, Current, Resistance, Power, Series and Parallel Circuits, Switches, Relays and Contactors, Electrical Measuring Instruments, Control Transformers, Over-current Protection, Push Button Stations and Limit Switches, Relays and Solenoids, Timers and Counters, Three Phase Motors, Contactors and Motor Starters, Jogging and Plugging, Ladder Logic and Electrical Drawings

Part 2: Programmable Logic Controllers - 75 hrs

Topics include:

Machine and Process Control, PLC Components, Hardware Configurations, Power Supplies, Discrete I/O Modules, Analog I/O Modules, Processor Operations, PLC Programming