Student Development

Cooperative Education

One of NCCC's goals is to prepare graduates to assume productive and rewarding careers. Cooperative Education (also known as Co-Op) is an elective career-related work experience taken for academic credit. It is a supervised work-based learning experience that enables students to combine academic work with on-the-job training. A Co-Op experience gives you the opportunity to learn by doing: you apply your academic skills and develop new proficiencies in a practical work setting.

Co-Op placements allow students the opportunity to earn academic credit and to test career interests while gaining valuable experience which enhances employability. Likewise, the employer has access to highly motivated, career-focused, reliable, and qualified employees. The program is based on partnerships between the College, its students, and the business community, including government and nonprofit organizations.  We use the words "cooperative" emphasize these partnerships and "education" to stress the importance of this unique experience in meeting academic requirements.

Securing a job placement is competitive and students are not guaranteed an assignment.  Employers are not guaranteed that the students will accept offers.

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