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If you are receiving an Associates Degree, the cost of purchasing your academic attire is $28.00 which includes the gown, cap and tassel.

If you are receiving a Certificate, the cost of purchasing your academic attire is $28.00, which includes the gown, the cap, and the tassel.

The decision to adopt this style of academic attire was approved by the Student Senate in February 2013.

Academic attire can be purchased at the Barnes and Noble at NCCC Bookstore (Sanborn and NFCI locations). The deadline to order is April 28, 2014. Academic attire will be available for pick up at the Bookstores from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm, May 5th through May 9th. Student ID is required.

Unfortunately no, you will not be permitted to bring your own cap and gown. The NCCC Commencement Ceremony is the official public recognition of the hard earned academic achievements of those graduating. It is a one-time event symbolizing and celebrating these achievements. Allowing attire of different styles and colors, some of which may not be in proper condition, would detract from what is a uniquely dignified and highly significant event. This policy prevents inappropriate attire worn by a few to detract from the overall dignity of the ceremony.

Announcements will be available when you purchase your academic attire. You will receive two packages containing a total of ten (10) announcements. These are for remembrances and keepsakes.

Based on the number of graduates and the maximum occupancy limits for the main gym: students who paid for their cap and gown by the April 28th deadline will receive 3 tickets to the Main Gym and 2 tickets to the Arts & Media Theatre. Students who purchase a cap and gown after the April 28th deadline may not receive tickets to the Main Gym and will likely receive only tickets to the Arts & Media Theatre. Tickets will be distributed at the Bookstores when you pick up your academic attire (9:00 am until 6:00 pm, May 5th through May 9th ).

Commencement seating in the Main Gym is general admission wooden bleacher seating (no back to the seat) with the exception of a limited amount of chairs on the floor. Needing a seat with a back is considered a "special need". Special needs also includes visual and hearing impaired guests. Accommodations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please plan to arrive early in order to secure Special Needs seating. Only one family member (or attendant) will be permitted to accompany the person in the Special Needs seating section, the rest must sit in general seating.

If you are the GUEST of a graduating student and have a disability requiring special seating accommodations, please notify the Public Relations Office at 716-614-6225 or Barbara DeSimone, Commencement Coordinator at prior to May 5, 2014.

At the Commencement Ceremony, you will receive a Diploma Cover only. Approximately three weeks after graduation, you will be notified via postcard when your diploma and/or certificate is ready for pick-up in the Registration and Records Office. Only those students who have met all degree requirements and filed for graduation before the published deadline, April 28, 2014, will receive this notification. If you file after the deadline, you risk having your graduation held and awarded the following semester (December 2014).

Phi Theta Kappa - Members of Phi Theta Kappa should contact the club advisors to confirm your contact information is up to date before April 28, 2014 to insure the PTK designation will be listed in the program book. Club advisors can also answer questions regarding wearing honors regalia for the ceremony.

You will receive detailed instructions regarding the Ceremony when you file for graduation and purchase your academic attire.