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Major Change FAQs

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A change of major is a procedure that officially changes your course of study. Students who want to change their major must contact Student Resource Center in A-144 (614-6290) and complete a change of major application, with the exception of LPN/RN. The application is also available on Banner Web under the Student Services and Financial Aid tab. Click on Student Records and select Major Change Application.

Each particular major has it own unique entrance requirements. In order to ensure that you are taking the correct requirements for your intended major, you should refer to the current NCCC college catalog and/or talk to your advisor. You can also make an appointment to speak to a counselor in Student Resource Center (A-144).

Admissions requirements and major change requirements both outline prerequisite coursework for specific majors. Admissions requirements apply to new students not currently attending NCCC and major change requirements apply to continuing students at the College who want to change their major.

Students who have met the prerequisites for a particular program are put on a waitlist. In order to remain on this list, students must continue to adhere to the prerequisite standards for their program of interest. Student Resource Center uses this list when placing students into the program as seats become available.

Students must be enrolled in classes for each semester (not including summer and winter sessions) that they are on the waitlist. In order to know what you should be doing for your particular program, refer to NCCC's College catalog.

Yes. Waitlists are reviewed at the beginning and end of each semester to ensure that all students have continuous enrollment and continue to meet all entrance requirements for the specified major.

  • Make sure that your academic advisor knows your intended plans and preferred major so that s/he can keep you informed of any updates regarding the major change process or your intended program.
  • Make an appointment with a counselor in Student Resource Center (A-144).

If there are any changes regarding the major change process or program requirements after you have submitted a major change application you will be notified by Student Resource Center. It is important to insure that your contact information in BANNER is accurate so that college officials can contact you.

Your academic advisor and Student Resource Center department are two excellent resources to answer major change questions.