Dual Admission / Transfer FAQs

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Dual-Admission is a special transfer program developed in conjunction with selected four-year colleges and universities. This program enables students to take advantage of some unique benefits. The Dual Admission program is available for only certain colleges and certain programs. To participate in the program, a student must be enrolled in the appropriate parallel NCCC curriculum and must meet the course and GPA guidelines of the four-year college. Additionally students must have earned less than 30 credits and NCCC must be the only college they have attended. If you would like more detailed information regarding colleges and programs included in the program go to our transfer page.

All the Colleges you may be considering for transfer have the same state and federal financial aid programs that we have at NCCC. Additionally they may have other scholarships specifically for transfer students. The financial aid office at the four-year college will be able to provide you with this information. Additionally there are scholarships available through organizations that are not connected to any particular school. These scholarships may be based on need, academic achievement, or a variety of other criteria depending on the awarding organization. For more information on scholarship opportunities you can contact the Student Development or Foundation Offices at NCCC.