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There are three sections to NCCC's ACCUPLACER placement test:

  1. Reading Comprehension - 20 questions related to reading skills, such as identifying the main idea and making inferences. 
  2. Writing (WritePlacer) - essay response which tests for structure, ideas, purpose, focus, critical thinking and grammar. 
  3. Mathematics (Arithmetic or Elementary Algebra) - Students will take one or two of the 12-17 question math tests depending upon math experience and score.
  1. Photo ID is required (i.e. driver's license, state ID, or passport)
  2. Testing fee ($14.00)
  3. Cellphones, calculators, and any other personal devices are NOT permitted in the testing area
  4. You will be provided with scrap paper and pencils for the test(s)

The tests are untimed, and you will work at your own pace. Plan to be at the Testing Center for approximately 2-3 hours if you are required to take all three portions of the placement test.

You will have the opportunity to re-test one time. If you choose not to re-test, you will be required to take applicable non-credit foundation classes your first semester.

Registration & Records (A-201) will contact you regarding scheduling a REgistration & Academic DiscoverY Session (READY Session) once you have completed testing, and submitted required immunization information to the Wellness Center (C-122), and completed your mandatory READY Online Orientation class.