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NCCC Foundation
3111 Saunders Settlement Rd.
Sanborn, NY 14132
Phone: 716-614-5910
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NCCC Foundation Board of Directors

William Bevacqua, Retired, Sdao Furniture

William Bevacqua

Member Since: 1998

Job Title: Retired

Company: Sdao Furniture

Dr. David Bonnevie ’74, Dental Care Associates LLC

Dr. David Bonnevie ’74

Member Since: 2009

Job Title: Partner

Company: Dental Care Associates LLC

Ann Briody Petock, Briody Health Care System

Ann Briody Petock

Member Since: 2009

Job Title: Administrator/Owner

Company: Briody Health Care System

Vincent “Jimmy” A. Cancemi ’68, Cancemi Furniture

Vincent "Jimmy" A. Cancemi ’68

Member Since: 2001

Job Title: Owner

Company: Cancemi Furniture

Sharon Certo-Chislett, Certo Brother’s Distributing Company

Sharon Certo-Chislett

Member Since: 2018

Job Title: Graphic Designer

Company: Certo Brother's Distributing Company

Dr. Maria Crea, Retired, Medical Director Medical Society if G, N, O

Dr. Maria Crea

Member Since: 2011

Job Title: Retired Medical Director

Company: Medical Society Counties GNO

David DiCamillo, DiCamillo Baking Company

David DiCamillo

Member Since: 2001

Job Title: President

Company: DiCamillo Baking Company

Dr. Martin H. Drake ’75, NCCC

Dr. Martin H. Drake ’75

Member Since: 1999

Job Title: Professor/Counselor – Transfer/Articulation

Company: NCCC

Jane N. Haenle, Retired, NCCC

Jane N. Haenle

Member Since: 1987

Job Title: Retired

Company: NCCC Administration

Michael Hooper, Hooper Realty

Michael Hooper

Member Since: 2013

Job Title: Owner

Company: Hooper Realty

David I. Karwick, Key Investments

David I. Karwick

Member Since: 2007

Job Title: Senior Vice President

Company: Key Investments

Jack F. Kopczynski, Ascension Industries, Inc.

Jack F. Kopczynski

Member Since: 1995

Job Title: Chairman of the Board

Company: Ascension Industries, Inc.

Robert MacDonald, First Niagara Bank

Robert MacDonald

Member Since: 2011

Job Title: Group Vice President – ALM & Liquidity Manager

Company: M&T 

James A. Mezhir ’68, NCCC

James A. Mezhir ’68

Member Since: 2009

Job Title: Professor/Chair – Humanities & Social Science

Company: NCCC

Marc O'Hearn, Evans Bank

Marc O'Hearn

Member Since: 2016

Job Title: Director of Government Banking

Company: Evans Bank

Christina A. Cerrone Pecoraro '06, Mark Cerrone. Inc.

Christina A. Cerrone Pecoraro '06

Member Since: 2011

Job Title: Accounts Clerk

Company: Mark Cerrone, Inc. 

Fred Rickan '81, Morgan Stanley, The Rickan Group

Fred Rickan '81

Member Since: 2014


Lester J. Robinson III ‘87, The Northwoods Corp.

Lester J. Robinson III ‘87

Member Since: 2009

Job Title: CLTC Long Term Care Planning Consultant

Company: The Northwoods Corp.

James Roscetti, Roscetti & DeCastro, P.C.

James Roscetti

Member Since: 2018

Job Title: Attorney

Company: Roscetti & DeCastro, P.C.

William L. Ross, Niagara County Legislature

William L. Ross

Member Since: 1999

Job Title: Retired

Company: Niagara County Legislature and Niagara Wheatfield School District

Jayne Schaber, Connor Middle School

Jayne Schaber

Member Since: 2011

Job Title: Teacher

Company: Connor Middle School

Geri Sdao, Retired, M&T Bank

Geri Sdao

Member Since: 2014

Job Title: Retired

Company: M&T Bank

Dr. Leon Smith, Retired, Buffalo State College

Dr. Leon Smith

Member Since: 2019

Job Title: Retired Director of Academic Standards

Company: Buffalo State College

Steve Sinclair, The Wright Investment Group

Steve Sinclair

Member Since: 2011

Job Title: Financial Advisor

Company: Wright Investment Group

James Turner '86, Erie County Medical Center

James Turner '86

Member Since: 2011

Job Title: RN, BSN

Company: ECMC


Ron R. Winkley ’78, Niagara University

Ron R. Winkley ’78

Member Since: 2003

Job Title: Professor

Company: Niagara University

Jerald Wolfgang, WNY Regional Education Center for Economic Development

Jerald Wolfgang

Member Since: 1993

Job Title: Director

Company: WNY Regional Education Center for Economic Development