Contact Student Housing Village

Administrative Office is located at:
3115 Saunders Settlement Road
Sanborn, N.Y. 14132

For more information call 716-731-8850. To schedule a tour please visit the NCCC Admissions website: www.niagaracc.suny.edu/admissions/.

Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00pm


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Your name will be placed on the housing list, on a first come serve basis, when we receive your application and security deposit/administrative fee in the amount of $275. Applications are available on our website and can be submitted by mail with a check or you can complete the online application and pay with credit card.

You will receive a Student Housing License/Occupancy Agreement, FERPA Forms, Lifestyle Questionnaire and Meal Plan application form to complete and return to us. Electronic signatures are not permitted.

The security deposit/administrative fee is $275.00, of which $200.00 is refundable. You must submit a refund request in writing to be considered for a refund, and must be requested 60 days prior to your scheduled move-in date. Please refer to the Security Deposit/Administrative Fee Policy for additional information.

The first step in finding out if financial aid will cover your housing cost is to apply by completing the FAFSA form and submitting it as soon as possible. You should follow up with the Financial Aid Office at NCCC in person or by calling 716.614.6202. You can also get more information, detailed instructions, and tips for financial management for students and other aid options by visiting Financial Aid at NCCC.

After we receive your application and deposit, you will receive a Student Housing License/Occupancy Agreement, FERPA Forms, Meal Plan application, and the Lifestyle Questionnaire. The Lifestyle Questionnaire is where you will indicate your roommates selection. Preferences will be considered, but are not guaranteed.

You will receive roommate information as part of your confirmation letter. This letter will also indicate your scheduled move in date, and room assignment.

All apartments are completely furnished. Each bedroom comes equipped with a extra long twin mattress with a boxed bed frame, desk, desk chair, dresser, small wardrobe closet, and window blinds. You should bring personal items such as bed linens, towels, cooking utensils, iron, alarm clock, computer, etc.. View a full list of what you should bring.

Residents are responsible for providing cleaning supplies, as well as keeping the apartment and their bedroom clean.

No pets are allowed.

The address is 3115 Saunders Settlement Road Sanborn, NY 14132. Please put the resident's full legal name and suite number on the letter and/or packages.