Presidential Search

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Julie Golder, J.D.
VP of Search Services, ACCT
(202) 775-4477 (office)
(202) 384-5816 (mobile)


This is a confidential search process. To ensure full consideration, application materials should be received no later than March 14, 2019. The position will remain open until filled.

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Confidential nominations can be made by clicking this link:


Presidential Search Committee

The Presidential Search Committee will review the confidential applications, interview semifinalist candidates and identify the final candidates. On behalf of the Board, we would like to thank each member of the Search Committee:

  • Trustee Gina I. Virtuoso, Vice Chairperson of the Board and Co-Chair
  • Trustee Bonnie R. Sloma, Secretary of the Board
    and Co-Chair
  • Craig Avery, Community
  • Dr. Matthew J. Clarcq, Faculty
  • Rev. Jimmie Hardaway, Housing Board
  • Renae Kimble, Community
  • Dennis Michaels, Chief Information Officer
  • Gretchen Mittelstaedt, ESPA Union
  • Gay Molnar, Community
  • Dr. Marc Pietrzykowski, Faculty
  • Navaar Poole, NCCC Student
  • Peter Robinson, Alumni
  • Trustee William L. Ross, Board Chairperson
  • Owen Steed, Niagara County Legislature
  • Scott Steiner, Faculty
  • Gail Tylec, Faculty
  • Ronald Winkley, Foundation Board
Presidential Search Committee

First Row (Left to Right) – Barbara Walck, Dr. Karen Rafinski, Jennifer Miller, Trustee Bonnie R. Sloma, Trustee William L. Ross, Catherine Brown, Gretchen Mittelstaedt
Second Row (Left to Right) – Gay Molnar, Owen Steed
Third Row (Left to Right) – Renae Kimble, Scott Steiner, Dennis Michaels, Dr. Marc Pietrzykowski, Dr. Matthew J. Clarcq, Gail Tylec
Fourth Row (Left to Right) – Rev. Jimmie Hardaway, Navaar Poole, Peter Robinson, Ronald Winkley, Craig Avery

Not pictured: Trustee Gina I. Virtuoso

The Board of Trustees will interview the final candidates and all final candidates will participate in open forums at NCCC. We anticipate the open forums taking place in April, and we will provide the dates, times and location as soon as they are confirmed. Everyone throughout the College and community will be invited to attend the public forums. Feedback forms will be given to all attendees, and the completed forms will be collected at the end of each forum and given to the Board of Trustees.