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Lori Townsend
Program Coordinator
Location: B-121
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Business: Administrative Assistant, A.A.S.


The changes in office technology have resulted in new and exciting opportunities within the office-support profession. Administrative assistants have a mastery of office and computer skills, an ability to assume responsibility, effective communication skills, as well as an understanding of accounting and business fundamentals.

Administrative Assistant graduates easily obtain employment in career-related fields. They enter the job market with confidence and enthusiasm, knowing that their education has prepared them to undertake positions as office professionals.

The Administrative Assistant program at NCCC allows a student the opportunity to obtain knowledge in the general office or medical office areas through a selection of electives that allows for flexible program content. Office administration courses address the needs of the student who aspires to becoming a professional in any office environment.

Program Goals and Objectives

Upon completion of the Administrative Assistant degree the graduate will:

  • Keyboard a minimum of 40 net words per minute.
  • Develop in-depth software application skills.
  • Apply office skills learned in the classroom to a work related setting.
  • Develop effective communication skills to communicate appropriately in the business office.

Business: Administrative Assistant Catalog Information

Beverly Pardee photo

My name is Beverly Pardee, and I graduated from Niagara County Community College in December of 2003 with my Associates Degree in Administrative Assistance with Applied Science. I currently work at ParMed Pharmaceuticals as an Administrative Assistant in the Sales Department. I have been with ParMed for 7 years and am very happy there. I am very busy every day sending out many emails to the sales reps to help them sell our pharmaceutical products and gain more business. I approve/ keep track of time off requests for the sales reps. I also am responsible for managing their time daily. For example, I check daily punches to make sure they get paid correctly, and I also complete weekly /monthly reports.

The Administrative Assistance Program at Niagara County Community College is so helpful. I learned so many things from typing, grammar, to organization, and professionalism. I enjoyed going to school every day and learning so much, and applying it in my daily life. This program helped me graduate and get a job in my field. I am also on the Advisory Committee which allows me to give my professional input on the Administrative Assistant Program. I would recommend attending Niagara County Community College to anyone.