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Marissa Pytlak-Surdyke
Location: B-124
Phone: 716-614-6742

Communication Studies, A.S.


Communication skills are important for success in the workplace, no matter what career a person pursues. The Communication Studies curriculum provides the opportunity to develop and refine communication skills as well as to develop an understanding of the communication process. The Communication Studies degree program enables graduates to either transfer to a four-year institution or to seek immediate employment in related fields where communication skills are an asset. Communication Studies students can begin their pursuit of a career in traditional media careers such as journalism, public relations, or advertising and marketing or use the program as a stepping stone to other communication intensive careers such as teaching or law.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • To prepare students for transfer to a four-year institution; although, some students seek immediate employment.
  • To complete the seven knowledge and skills area of the SUNY General Education policy.
  • To develop the student's verbal, written, and visual communication skills and abilities within the framework of a liberal arts education.


The program has a proud history of preparing students for media related careers. Graduates are currently working in media careers ranging from news, to weather to sports. One graduate received an Emmy for his work on sports videography. He works for all the the major networks covering sports all around the world. He has been involved with the NCAA, NFL, NHL, ESPN Summer and Winter Games and the Olympics.