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Theodore P. Skotnicki
Program Coordinator
Location: E-247
Phone: 716-614-6749

Criminal Justice, A.S.


The American system of criminal justice is composed of three major components: Law enforcement, the courts and corrections. It remains a rapidly growing professional and academic field. The Criminal Justice program at NCCC utilizes a strong behavioral science and general education foundation. It's this combination of knowledge and interdisciplinary insight that provides the student of criminal justice with insight and understanding into the complex societal problem of crime and the administrations of justice.

The student that graduates from the Criminal Justice program should be able to use the knowledge and skills he/she has acquired in a variety of career opportunities. Graduates have obtained professional careers in the criminal justice system at the local, state and federal levels. Although some graduates begin their career immediately after obtaining their Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice, most graduates continue their academic studies at four-year institutions and embark on their careers after completing their Bachelor's Degree requirements.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • The Criminal Justice program will prepare students for successful transfer to four-year institutions in criminal justice and related fields
  • Although the A.S. degree in Criminal Justice can provide some students the preparatory educational background for entry-level positions throughout the criminal justice system, most graduates will continue their studies at upper-level institutions.
  • Students will meet at least seven of the ten SUNY General Education Requirements
  • The Criminal Justice program provides a supportive educational background in the progress and academic growth of individuals currently working in the criminal justice system


The Criminal Justice program at NCCC has been rated one of the top 50 Associate Degree Programs in the United States. In addition, one of the unique features of the program is an internship experience in the criminal justice system. Students get to acquire first-hand experience with an agency of the criminal justice system.