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Bob Borgatti
Program Coordinator
Location: D-116
Phone: 716-614-6793

Digital Media: Web Production, Certificate


The World Wide Web is ubiquitous today. There isn't a business or organization that doesn't utilize the web and social media to promote their products and services and cultivate their customer base. Behind this web presence are the designers and developers whose job is to produce a creative visual design, effective interactivity, and user-friendly and accessible content.

The NCCC Digital Media: Web Production certificate program provides the skills for entry-level positions in web design. This career requires a combination of creativity and technical skills to produce fully-functional websites.

Students in the Digital Media: Web Production certificate program gain practical experience in planning, creating and maintaining a website, developing mobile apps, and publishing and sharing content via social media. This includes the design and layout of content that incorporates graphic images, animation, forms, databases, and interactive multimedia components. Students will learn to code websites using HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • To prepare students for entry-level positions in web design and digital media-related fields.

Gainful Employment Outlook and Costs

Find out what the job outlook is in a particular field after completion of a certificate program. Determine the costs associated for NCCC certificate programs. Cost information is available on tuition/fees, books and on-campus housing.

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The certificate program is an intensive 31-credit hour program that concentrates on the acquisition of skills used in the creation of content for websites and mobile platforms. This program is ideal for someone who has already earned a degree or is working in a related field and would like to update his or her skills.