Humanities and Social Sciences


Amanda D. Pollard / Estelle Steiner
Program Coordinators
Location: E-126 / C-246
Phone: 716-614-6885

Environmental Studies, A.S.


The Environmental Studies Program at Niagara County Community College is designed for students with an interest in environmental problems who are seeking to complete the foundation courses for transfer to a four-year degree program in the environmental field. A degree in Environmental Studies prepares you for careers in environmental design, environmental law, resource management, teaching, conservation, park management, environmental risk assessment, hazardous materials management and for work as a consultant or policy analyst with government agencies and other non-government organizations.

Program Goals and Objectives

The goals of the Associate in Science (AS) degree in Environmental Studies are to develop the students' knowledge about the biological, physical, philosophical, sociological and historical aspects of environmental science and to assist students with the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary to investigate career possibilities and make intelligent decisions with regard to future directions. The objective of the Associate in Science degree in Environmental Studies is to provide the highest possible level of interdisciplinary preparation for transfer to a bachelor degree program in the environmental field.


NCCC's Environmental Studies Program is interdisciplinary, coordinated by both Life Sciences and Social Sciences faculty. We offer smooth transfer to such four-year institutions as the University of Buffalo, the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF), and Paul Smith's College.