Registration & Records

Add/Drop Courses

A non-matriculated student (a student not enrolled in a degree/certificate program) may add or drop a course by filling out an Add/Drop Form and submitting it to the Registration & Records Office (A-201).

A matriculated student may DROP a class by filling out an Add/Drop Form and submitting it to the Registration & Records Office. However, to ADD a course, a matriculated student must meet with his/her advisor or attend an official add/drop session as listed on the Important Dates page.

A course may be added prior to the start of classes, provided there is a seat available.

If you drop a course from your schedule before census day, the course will be deleted and will not appear on your transcript. If you drop a course after census day, the course will appear on your transcript with a "W" grade, indicating withdrawal. The grade of "W" will not affect your grade point average but may negatively impact your academic standing and/or ability to receive financial aid. After the 13th week of a Fall or Spring (16-week) semester, or the 85% completion point of a modular class, summer class(es), or class(es) offered during the Winter Intersession, you will not be allowed to drop a course and will then receive whatever grade the instructor assigns to you.  

Modular ("Mod") courses are courses which are less than a full semester in length. These types of courses may be added at any time prior to the start of the course. If you choose to drop a mod class, the deadlines differ from those of the regular full term. Please consult the Registration & Records Office (A201) for detailed information. During the first 20% of the course, you may drop a mod course and the course will be deleted. After completion of 20% of the course, and up until completion of 85% of a modular course, Summer class, or class offered during Winter Intersession, you may drop the course and receive a W (withdrawal) grade. You may not withdraw from a modular course after the 85% point of the course.

If you wish to officially withdraw from the College and drop all your classes, please see the section entitled Withdrawals.