Registration & Records


Only student-initiated forms appear here. NCCC advisors can find advisor-initiated forms on the FYI page or within Blackboard.

Electronic Forms

Some forms listed below are in electronic format.  In order to complete the electronic form, you must first create an account with Next Gen (if you haven't already) by clicking on "Create New Account" on the log in page.

PDF Forms

Forms below that are in a PDF format must be printed, completed, and returned to the Registration & Records Office to be processed.


Add/Drop (pdf)

Audit (J Grade) (pdf)

Duplicate Diploma Request (electronic)

Major Change Application for Graduation (pdf)

Non-Disclosure (pdf)

Personal Identification Change Form (Name/Gender/Address/SSN) (pdf)

Request for Incomplete Grade (pdf)

Request for S/U Grade (electronic)

Student Information Release – Letter of Recommendation (pdf)

Verification of Enrollment (electronic)