Registration & Records


Only student-initiated forms appear here. NCCC advisors can find advisor-initiated forms on the FYI page or within Blackboard.

Electronic Forms

Some forms listed below are in electronic format. 

PDF Forms

Forms below that are in a PDF format must be printed, completed, and returned to the Registration & Records Office to be processed.


Add/Drop (pdf)

Audit (J Grade) (pdf)

Duplicate Diploma Request (electronic)

Major Change Application for Graduation (electronic)

Non-Disclosure (pdf)

Repeat Override Form (electronic)

Personal Identification Change Form (Name/Gender/Address/SSN) (pdf)

Request for Incomplete Grade (electronic) - Current students log in with their T-Wolves username & password.  Instructions for completing the form can be found here.

Request for S/U Grade (pdf)

Student Information Release – Letter of Recommendation (pdf)

Verification of Enrollment (electronic) - Current students log in with their T-Wolves username & password