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Students wishing to receive an I grade (Incomplete) must complete an official form Request for Incomplete Grade in the Registration & Records Office, and obtain the instructor's signature. The student is required to arrange for completion of course work with his or her instructor. The maximum time for the change of an I grade to a performance grade is determined by the instructor, but shall NOT in any case exceed ONE academic year. The Office of Registration & Records will inform the instructor and student of the approach of the one year deadline. Students will be sent a letter at the address last known on file. If no change of grade is made by the instructor prior to the deadline, the I grade will automatically be converted to an F grade.

If you find a discrepancy in your grades, you must see your instructor to resolve your concern. If he/she finds that you merit a change of grade, it is the responsibility of the instructor to file a change of grade form at the Registration & Records Office.

If a change of grade is filed, you will be sent a new grade mailer which will reflect this change. Please note that change of grade forms are NOT provided to students.

Final Grades

Final grades are not mailed to students. You must access Banner Web to view your grades. Click "Enter Secure Area" and login to your account. Click on "Student and Financial Aid", "Student Records", "Final Grades", select term, and click "Submit". Your final grades for that semester will then be displayed.

Niagara County Community College uses the following letter grade and grade-point system

Special Indicators:
I - Designates Repeat Course Included (Fall 2003 and after)
E - Designates Repeat Course Excluded
* - Designates Academic Foundation Course
# - Designates Fresh Start Course

Grade Point Average

Your grade point average (GPA) results from the number of quality points (or grade points) divided by the number of credit hours.

Quality points (or grade points) are points assigned to the grade earned, i.e. A=4,... (see grading table above.)

NCCC uses two different GPA's:

  1. Cumulative grade point average (cum GPA) – the GPA from all the courses you have taken at NCCC which is displayed on your academic transcript.
  2. Degree grade point average (degree GPA) – the GPA from ONLY those courses taken which apply toward your degree program (or major) which is used for graduation.

Graduation at NCCC is based on a 2.00 minimum Degree GPA. If you have switched your major or taken coursework outside your degree program, it is possible some of these courses will not apply to your Degree GPA.


Grades earned:
PSY 110, A, 3 credits
CIS 100, B+, 3 credits

Quality points:
PSY 110 (A = 4 pts x 3 credits) = 12 pts
CIS 100 (B+ = 3.33 x 3 credits) = 9.99 pts

GPA: 21.99 (total quality points) divided by 6 (total credit hours) = 3.67

Calculate Your GPA

For further questions concerning your GPA, please call 716-614-6250.

You may repeat a course for which credit was earned with a grade of A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, or S one time only.

The official grade earned will be the most recent grade recorded, whether it is higher or lower than the original grade, and will be the grade used to compute the curriculum and overall grade point average.
A course in which a grade of C-, D+, D, D-, F, U, I, W, or X was earned may be repeated until a grade of C or better is attained.

Additional repetitions will receive a J (audit) grade. If you repeat a course for which you have already earned an A, the subsequent grade will be a J. Both grades will appear on your transcript.
Any original grade earned will remain on the transcript even if you withdraw or fail to complete the repeated course (I, X, or W grade).
While you may repeat a course at another college, only a course taken at NCCC can be used to compute the NCCC grade point average.
If you elect to transfer to another institution, please be aware that the transfer institution may not accept the repeated grade.

If you are a student in one of the following programs, you may be required to repeat a biology and/or major core course(s) in which a grade of A through C was earned more than five years before enrolling in a subsequent course: Nursing, Physical Therapist Assistant, Radiologic Technology, Surgical Technology and Practical Nursing.
If you elect to repeat a course for which credit has already been earned, you should be aware of the financial aid implications. You should discuss this situation with the Financial Aid Office regarding any consequences that may occur pertaining to the financial aid regulations currently in effect. To become eligible for full-time financial aid, you must register for 12 credit hours IN ADDITION to the repeated course.

You may elect to take a course with a grade of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U). Click here to access the online request form.   However, in addition to your signature, the electronic signatures of your instructor and your advisor are required. You must file an S/U form with the Registration & Records Office through the 13th week of a Fall or Spring (16-week) semester, or before 85% completion of modular classes, Summer classes, or classes offered during the Winter intersession.

You should discuss the ramifications of this decision to elect an S/U with your advisor and instructor. In addition, if you are planning to transfer to another college, you should be aware that an S/U grade may not be accepted. Please check with your transfer college on its requirements. Note: once this form has been filed, the decision is irreversible.

A grade of S will indicate satisfactory completion of the course and will receive credit. However, no credit is given for a remedial course. A grade of U will indicate unsatisfactory completion of the course and will receive no credit. Neither an S grade nor U grade will affect your grade point average.
Some courses are graded only on the S/U grading system. In this case, the instructor will notify you that this is the only grading system for the course and you do not have to file a S/U form.

If you are enrolled in an associate degree program, a maximum of 14 credit hours may be taken S/U. If you are in a certificate program, the maximum is 7 credit hours. It is recommended that these credit hours be taken outside your major area of study.

To withdraw from a course, a student is required to obtain an Add/Drop form online or from the Registration & Records Office which will identify the course being dropped. The student must complete and sign this form and return it to the Registration & Records Office for processing by the published deadlines.

Course withdrawals are permitted through the end of the 13th week of a Fall or Spring (16 week) semester, or before 85 percent completion of modular classes, summer classes, or classes offered during the winter intersession. Please consult the Registration & Records Office as there are specific deadlines for deleting a course from the student’s schedule, versus deadlines for issuing W grades. The specific date for filing the Request will be published in the Important Dates document found on the Registration & Records webpage. The grade of W will not affect the student’s grade-point average, but may negatively impact the student’s academic standing and/or ability to receive financial aid.