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College is a time of transition. Students who are thinking about selecting a different academic program from the one they are currently in should contact Student Development regarding completing a Curriculum Change Application. A Student Development professional will discuss your choices and assist you in exploring your options.

Students face many challenges as they pursue their academic goals. Sometimes it becomes apparent that this is not the right time for you to be in college. Other times you're not sure which direction you are going in, and need someone to show you the way. This is when our Academic Counseling services are most valuable. Make an appointment with a Student Development counselor who can help you to assess your situation, explore your options, and create a plan for success. This might include completing an Application for Withdrawal from NCCC and taking time off from your academics or simply reevaluating your reasons to being in college and adopting new strategies for success. Exit counseling is provided to assist students in understanding alternatives to, and outcomes of, withdrawing from the College. Whatever your choice, Student Development professionals are here to help you make an educated choice tailored to your needs.

Looking ahead, students who wish to continue studies at other institutions after completing some coursework or a full degree at NCCC should seek Student Development's Academic Counseling services. Many options exist for students wishing to enter into a Dual Admissions agreement or simply transfer to another school. A skilled Student Development professional can assist you in determining which academic programs or institutions will best meet your needs and further your goals for the future.

Call 716-614-6490 or stop by A-131 to schedule an appointment.

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Curriculum Change

Students are very often unsure of their educational and vocational goals. As a result, they may decide to change their major before completing their education. Students who wish to change their curriculum should contact Student Development to make an appointment. The student will have an opportunity to discuss the reasons for the change and its appropriateness in relationship to their goals. The Curriculum Change process is designed to accommodate currently matriculated students who wish to change their academic program. The application is available on Banner Web under the Student and Financial Aid tab. Click on Student Records and select Curriculum Change Application.

High Demand Programs

The following programs have specific admission requirements and prerequisite coursework that must be completed to be eligible for a curriculum change: Animal Management, Massage Therapy, Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist, Physical Therapist Assistant, Radiologic Technology, and Surgical Technology. A list of requirements is available in the College catalog and in Student Development. Students interested in the Nursing and Practical Nursing programs should contact Admissions for specific admission requirements and prerequisite coursework.

Curriculum change applications for high demand programs are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. There is limited space in a number of programs. Students will receive a decision about their application within three weeks of their submission. Please note: All transcripts from other colleges should be submitted to the Admissions Office before completing a curriculum change application.

If a student is ineligible or a program is full, the student will receive a T-Wolves email notification and the student can make an appointment with Student Development, A-131 to discuss alternate options. Students can contact Student Development at 716-614-6490.

If ALL program admission criteria have been met at the time the Curriculum Change Application is filed, the student will be sent a T-Wolves email confirming eligibility to the new program. Students must maintain matriculated status and a 2.0 GPA (or C average) while waiting to enter a new program. If either of these conditions is not met at the end of the semester that a curriculum change application was filed, students will receive a letter explaining that they are no longer eligible for their program of choice.

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Curriculum Change Schedule for Programs with Prerequisites - Fall 2018 - Summer 2019

Questions? Call 716-614-6490 or stop by A-131.

Students who wish to withdraw from the College must do so through Records and Registration Office. Students who are undecided about withdrawing from NCCC or would like to discuss their options can make an appointment for an Academic Counseling session. Exit counseling is provided to assist students in understanding alternatives to, and outcomes of, withdrawing from the College.

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Questions? Stop by A-131 or call 716-614-6490.