Campus Security


Niagara County Community College is committed to the elimination of drug and alcohol abuse for its students and employees. The use, selling, or manufacturing, of drugs is a violation of the law; therefore, the College will not protect students, employees or visitors who either use sell or manufacture illegal drugs. No student shall illegally possess, use, provide others with, or encourage others to use narcotics, hallucinogens or other illegal substances.

Any Niagara County Community College employee determined to have violated this policy may be subjected to disciplinary action up to and including removal. No employee shall work under the influence of illegal drugs. Violation of these rules by an employee will be reason for a mandatory evaluation/treatment for a substance use disorder or disciplinary action.

When illegal drug usage is reported to the College by civil authorities, the College will cooperate in recognition of its responsibility to the community at large.

If you feel you have a problem with substance abuse there are help and support services available. On campus you can see a counselor in our Wellness Center (614-6280), who can assist or make a referral.

Off Campus Assistance

Contacts Phone
Narcotics Anonymous 1-888-301-8728
Brylin Hospital 886-8200
Clearview Treatment Services 298-2115

Getting help for a substance abuse problem is a wise decision, but you need to take the initiative and take a step in the right direction. Help is only a phone call away.