Public Safety

Emergency Procedures


In the event of fire, smoke, smoke odor, natural gas leak, biological hazard, or upon receiving a bomb or disaster threat, recipient of such information will contact the Public Safety Department by calling extension 555 or 614-6400. If Public Safety cannot be contacted, call 911 then the Presidents complex at 614-5905. If there is an obvious fire, use the closest emergency pull station to sound the evacuation alarm.

The NCCC Public Safety Department will either evacuate the complex or follow the predetermined procedures for the specific type of emergency. The evacuation will take place by activating the fire alarm system. All occupants of the campus must evacuate when the alarm is sounding in the building they are in.

  • Evacuating personnel should leave all lights on and close – but – not lock doors.
  • Evacuated personnel will always move themselves 100 yards from the College buildings, taking care not to block entrance ways, driveways, or fire lanes.
  • Do not evacuate to the East side of campus, near the boiler room.

If an object is discovered, its not to be removed or examined. Personnel making such a discovery should immediately contact Public Safety at 614-6400 or ext. 555 or by using the outside emergency phones. When the Public Safety Department and/or local law enforcement give the "all clear", an announcement will be made over the campus PA system. Public Safety and Operations personal will assist in instructing students and employees to return.

Effective Evacuation

Effective evacuation occurs when people know where they are to go upon leaving a building. "Assembly Point" signs are used to indicate places where people are to congregate after evacuating our facilities. Knowing where "Assembly Points" are located, and moving to those areas, helps to eliminate confusion during an emergency situation.

Please note that "Evacuation Assembly Area" signs are now posted in NCCC parking lots 1, 3, 4, 5, and 7. Upon hearing our alarm system activate, please evacuate the building and assemble near the closest "evacuation assembly area" designated in NCCC parking lots 1, 3, 4, 5, or 7.

NCCC "Evacuation Assembly Area" signs are red and white and are posted in elevated positions within the parking lots making them easy to locate in an emergency.

Your cooperation in evacuating properly is greatly appreciated.

Wayne Lynch
Vice President for Operations


Emergency Procedures Flip Chart - Sanborn

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Emergency Procedures Flip Chart - NFCI

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Lock Down


  1. A determination is made that a threat exists on campus and personal need to take immediate refuge
  2. Public Safety will make a CODE RED LOCKDOWN announcement.


    May I have your attention please; there is a code red lockdown in the Facility. All building occupants are to report to the nearest securable area and lock down. (Repeated)

  3. Public Safety will notify the NYSP and NCSO that the Campus has a Code Red Lockdown in progress.
  4. Public Safety will notify Operations personnel.
  5. Public Safety will notify Student Housing Village of the Code Red Lockdown.
  6. Public Safety will notify and advise the College President and the VP of Operations.
  7. Public Safety will assist Law Enforcement personnel with building layout and possible location of intruders.


  1. All personnel should immediately and quickly move to a lockable room.
  2. College personnel will close and lock doors to all class rooms, offices, and assembly halls. Once the door is secure no one is allowed into your locked area.
  3. Room occupants are to move to the corner of the room least visible from the window and shades are to be closed as well.
  4. When Public Safety and/or Law enforcement give the all clear, rooms may be unlocked and occupant's should follow the directions of Public Safety and/or Law enforcement.