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NCCC Starfish Success is a community-based early alert support and communication tool.  It creates a bridge between students, instructors, success coaches, and other support personnel, to keep students on the right track.  

You are letting the student know directly that you are concerned with or proud of their progress/attendance to-date. The earlier an alert is raised, the more quickly we can identify and address potential barriers to student success. If a student's other instructors also raise concerns, advisors and success coaches can see a pattern and better serve our students.

Students are also very responsive to kudos that let them know their efforts are recognized and appreciated!

How Starfish Is "One LESS Thing" for Faculty

  • Provides a way for you to communicate with students and give feedback about their academic progress.
  • Helps you facilitate a timely connection to campus support professionals and services for intervention.
  • A new way to keep track of attendance, pull attendance reports, and automatically notify students when they are marked as absent.
  • Merging academic and student services surveys and reports, requiring fewer reporting windows.
  • Schedule advisement appointments that sync to NCCC Outlook, make "Notes" on appointments, and view semester tracking items (flags and kudos). Allowing for more wholistic and informed academic advisement.
  • See the full list here: "One LESS Thing"

Get Started Today with Starfish

  1. Upload a photo to Starfish (view steps)
  2. Add an office location & hours

profile screenshot

How Do I Raise a Flag in Starfish?

If you are concerned about a student and would like to connect them with support resources, add a flag in Starfish. 

Note: Starfish is not a final grades or behavioral reporting tool.

  • Log into Starfish
  • Type the student's name in the search box at the top of the page
  • Click on student's name
  • Click on the "Flag" button and choose the flag that best-meets your concern
  • Add comments as needed and click Submit
  • The student will receive notification of this flag and a Success Coach will reach out to them.

What do the messages say? Check out our templates.

Starfish notification process flow chart

How Can Faculty/Staff Support Starfish?

  • Use the system! Students will catch on when they start receiving notifications.
  • Give this flyer to your advisees/students.
  • Add this Starfish course statement to your course instructions/syllabi.
  • Guide students to Starfish to find contact information for their Success Network (advisors, instructors, success coaches, and service offices).
  • Close Flags! Faculty have the ability to close flags they raise if a student responds directly to them and the situation is resolved.


Progress Surveys

The Starfish system offers a user-friendly reporting feature called "Progress Surveys." For the Spring 2019 semester, faculty will be asked to complete Progress Surveys for Census Attendance, Academic Deficiency, Census, and S/U/W/I Recommendation Survey.

Mandatory Census and AD faculty reporting was moved over to Starfish at the request of Academic Affairs and Registration & Records in Spring of 2018 due to ease of use, faculty experience, end of Banner "Faculty Feedback" system, and the overall spirit of a central communication system.

Additional tracking items (flags, kudos, referrals and to-dos) were selected by a panel of faculty members who have used the system and wanted to merge Faculty Feedback notifications with these reports to save time and reduce the number of reports per semester.

Step-by-Step Directions:

Starfish Progress Survey Screenshot

New! Appointment Scheduling

Starfish provides increased access through online scheduling, bringing people together, whether for in-person meetings with an advisor, a phone call with a success coach, or a meeting with an instructor–including email and text message reminders.

In addition, Starfish  offers an integration with your NCCC Microsoft Outlook®, allowing instructors, advisors, and student services staff to keep one schedule while Starfish manages the rest.

STARFISH PRO TIP: Be sure to add an office location in your profile first!

Step-by-Step Directions:

How to create office hours (accessible directions in pdf guid on this page)

Appointment Preferences

New! Attendance Tracking

Instructors and faculty can utilize the attendance tracking feature in Starfish to keep electronic record of student attendance for easier referencing later.

System image of attendance tracking tool

Setting Up Attendance

  1. Open Starfish and navigate to your Students tab.
  2. Within the Students tab, select the Attendance sub-tab.
  3. If you have never utilized the Attendance feature before, you first want to set up your Class Schedule to allow for easier attendance tracking.
  4. On the right side of the screen, you can filter your student lists according to several different criteria.
  5. Always filter for the current term and select the course for which you wish to set up a schedule.
  6. Select the Class Schedule button and update the meeting days/times of your class.
  7. If the class meets at different times on different days, simply use the Add Schedule button to add additional day/time information. Be sure to click Submit once you are finished.

Record Attendance

To record attendance, use the same filter tool to select the relevant course.

  1. Track student attendance by clicking Record Attendance.
  2. Select a course from the drop-down menu provided and then choose the applicable day/time from the drop down menu presented. This will pull up a list of the students in your class.
  3. Easily record attendance for all students by adjusting which attendance status is checked. The default setting will be set to “Present” for easier recording. Simply make any changes you need to by marking specific students as “Absent,” “Excused,” or “Late.” The option you choose will depend upon your own preferences and attendance policies for your course.
  4. Click Submit when you are finished.

Can I Edit or Cancel a Class Attendance Report? Yes!

  • If you need to go back and edit the attendance status of a student(s) for a particular class, simply follow the same steps as recording a new day, but select a day in the past you have already recorded attendance on. Once the report opens, click on the edit link in the middle of the screen, make your changes and re-submit.
  • If you need to cancel a class meeting time, simply open your report as if you are taking attendance and then click on the “Cancel Meeting Time” link at the top right of your screen next to the date.

Downloading an Attendance Report to Submit to Your Division

To download your attendance report, click on the “Attendance Report” button (located above your class Attendance Roster).Screenshot of Attendance Report Button in Starfish

  1. Open the Excel file that downloaded to your PC. If you cannot find the file, try looking in the Downloads folder of your PC.
    • E-mail the Excel file as an attachment and send to your designated Academic Division contact.

 Creating a Quick & Easy Pivot Table from Your Attendance Report (Only 6 Quick Steps!)

For a customizable, data table summary for the number of classes each student has been absent for, easily take the report you just downloaded and follow these six steps.

  1. Once Excel opens, click on the “Enable Editing” button
    at the top of the screen if one exists. If not, move to step 2.Pivot Table Selection
  2. Click on the “Student Attendance" Sheet at the bottom left.
  3. Click on the Insert Tab at the top of the screen in the Ribbon.
  4. Select Pivot Table button on the far left.
  5. Click on “OK” in the dialog box that opens up.
  6. Select Your Items on the right:
  • Click and Drag “Student Name” to “Rows”
  • Click and Drag “Attendance Status” to “Columns”
  • Click and Drag “Attendance Status” to “Values”

Early Alert Semester Timeline

View/Download the Faculty Early Alert Timeline

Utilize this timeline to stay on track with student outreach. If you are a faculty or staff member and would like a paper version of this poster for your office, please e-mail the Starfish Team (

Faculty & Advisor Starfish Semester Timeline