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Your Right to Know as a Student

  • Alerts in Starfish (flags, referrals, kudos, and to-dos) can only be viewed by you, the instructor who raised the flag, success coaches, academic advisors, and the services office related to a referral. Only you can see your dashboard, your profile is not viewable by another student.
  • All notifications will be sent to your TWolves student e-mail account. In your Profile, you can elect either a second personal e-mail or a personal cellphone number to receive SMS Starfish notifications.
  • NCCC Starfish Success is not a formal academic grading system. No official grades will be posted in Starfish.
  • The NCCC Starfish Success is meant to be an informative and corrective system. It is not disciplinary. Our main goal is to help you be successful during your time at NCCC and to help create a supportive educational environment for you.
  • NCCC Starfish Success information is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

Getting Started with NCCC Starfish Success

Getting started is easy! Just simply access Starfish by logging into your Blackboard account and clicking on the "Starfish Login" link at the top of the page. This will take your to the Home page of your Starfish Dashboard. Your Home page includes access to a customizable profile, notification settings, and personalized Success Network. 

Update Your Profile

Start by updating your profile. Your profile lets instructors, advisors, and success coaches how to contact you. The student ID photo you have on file with Security will be auto-loaded (you cannot change this photo). Your profile also gives you control over where you can elect to receive emails or SMS text notifications from Starfish.

  1. Simply click on your your name in the top right corner of your Home page to open your profile.  
  2. From here, you can customize your profile by setting appointment reminders, and adding a secondary email address for receiving NCCC Starfish Success notifications. Select the "Both" radio button located next to “Send my correspondence to”.
  3. After you have made updates to your profile, click the Submit button to save your changes.

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Your Success Network

A personalized list of instructors, advisors, success coaches, and services offices you are connected to for the semester. Students can easily find the contact information for their entire academic support team in one place!

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Raise Your Hand For Help

  1. Click the “Raise Your Hand” icon.
  2. Select either “I Need Help From My Instructor” for course questions or “I Need Help (General)” for all other questions.
  3. In the details section please provide as much information as possible and include a good time of the day to contact you back.
  4. Click the Submit button when you are finished to send your Raised Hand to NCCC Starfish Success.

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Services Catalog

NCCC Starfish Success provides you with a broader catalog of Service Offices that provide students with free support. In addition to your Success Network, the staff and offices listed in the Service Catalog are also here to support your success. Reach out to them at any time during the semester.

 Starfish Services Catalog


NCCC Starfish Success Network