Student Life


  • All fundraising events must be approved by the Student Life office.


    1. Fill out the Fundraising Event Request Form at least 10 business days prior to the proposed event date and return to Student Life (G-243)
    2. Reserve a location or equipment with Student Life
    3. Design, print and distribute appropriate publicity (any flier must be approved by Student Life before posting). Copies can be made in the Student Life Office.
    4. Fundraisers can be put on the NCCC Student Life Facebook page for advertisement.
    5. All proceeds must be deposited at the end of each day of the fundraiser in the College Association with Shannon Gianquinto, the bookkeeper. She will deposit the money in the club's revenue account

    Note: a purchase requisition must be filled out to spend fundraising monies from the club revenue account.

    Reminders for a Successful Fundraiser

    Fundraising is an important way to earn funds for your club (not budgeted money).

    • Fundraiser earnings may be used in the following ways:
    • Defray travel expenses for an approved college trip
    • Donate to a worthy cause (non-profit organization)Plan an "end of the semester/year" event
    • Purchase T-Shirts or other promotional items for club members

    Bake Sale

    • Coffee and other food items cannot be sold from outside vendors (ex. Dunkin Donuts and local pizza shops).
    • Food should be prepared at home before entering the building to be placed for sale.

    Basket Drawing

    • Liquor, wine or beer are not allowed in the basket. The title of the event MUST be "Basket Drawing." Basket Raffle is not permitted. One day only
    • Cash cannot be used as a prize.

    Events Requiring Tickets

    Events that need tickets must get them from the College Association (G-215). Prices for the tickets need to be determined before the event and communicated to Shannon when you pick up the tickets.

    "Keep this coupon" section of the ticket roll and all money needs to be returned to Shannon the day of the event.

    Reservation Spaces

    *G-117A - Downstairs near the lower cafeteria (Student Entertainment Lounge).
    *G-117B - Downstairs near the lower cafeteria.
    **Outside the bookstore

    * Reservations can be made through the Student Life office
    ** Facility Usage form must be completed by the club advisor and approved by Facilities.