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Student Senate

Student SenateThe purpose of the Student Senate is to promote the general welfare of the student body, stimulate interest in and support of activities that contribute to our cultural, social and physical enrichment, to continue to promote democratic participation in relevant areas to the students and college community and to provide students with the opportunity for involvement in a collegiate governance process.

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Student Senate holds meetings bi-weekly on Thursdays starting at 12:30pm in G117B.
All Senate meetings are open to all students, faculty and staff except when in executive session.

Requests for Funding

Clubs looking for funding? Funding/Budget Meetings are held every Tuesday at 12:30pm in G117B, please stop by the Student Life office or online for forms.

Click here for our full Funding Policy

Need a form? All download below!

Event Fundraising Form
Fundraising Request Form
Travel Request Form
Member and Officer Registration Form
Club Starter Packet

Forms can be returned to G117D for approval!

Student Senate Members

Upcoming Events and Meetings

September 7th @ 12:30pm in G117B

September 21st @ 12:30pm in G117B

October 5th @ 12:30pm in G117B

October 19th @ 12:30pm in G117B

November 9th @ 12:30pm in G117B

November 16th @12:30pm in G117B

November 30th @ 12:30pm in G117B

December 7th @ 12:30pm in G117B

January 25th @ 12:30pm in G117B

February 1st @ 12:30pm in G117B

February 15th @ 12:30pm in G117B

March 1st @ 12:30pm in G117B

March 15th @ 12:30 pm in G117B

March 29th @ 12:30 pm in G117B

April 12th @ 12:30 pm in G117B

April 26th @ 12:30 pm in G117B

May 3rd @ 12:30 pm in G117B



Drop in!

Stop into G117D to meet us, ask questions or to get involved!

Student Senators


President:  Navaar Poole
Vice President of Clubs and Organizations:  Talha Elahi
Vice President of Programming: Nidhi Garapati
Treasurer:  Cherelle Warren
Secretary:  Conor Brinkworth
Student Trustee:  Brittney Valdez

Sophomore Senators

Naqwan Miles

Noah Botsford

Freshman Senators

Joshua Haynes

Jordan Pelkey


Part-Time Senators

Rebecca Link