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Many students transfer to four year Colleges and universities after completing their education degree at NCCC. The following factors need to be considered when choosing transfer institutions; academic counseling, cost, location, campus size, transfer student services, and others dictated by individual student needs.

Transfer Counseling Information

Transfer in to NCCC

To help you determine how your prior coursework will transfer to NCCC, you can find our online Course Equivalency Guide. This is a listing by transfer institution of commonly accepted coursework and its equivalent at NCCC. This information has been prepared as an informational guide only and may be subject to change, amendment or deletion by NCCC as deemed appropriate. The site is intended to assist students wishing to transfer IN coursework to NCCC and should be used as a general guideline. Transfer students must make a formal request for an official transcript from the Registrar's Office at the previous college(s) attended. Transfer credits may be accepted for members of the U.S. Armed Forces by submitting a Certified DD214 Form, and/or American Council on Education (ACE) Registry Transcript. Applicants are encouraged to submit standardized test scores (eg., SAT or ACT) as part of the application process for admission. If submitted, these tests will be used only to determine if the student must take the College placement tests.

CAUTION: Students must disclose all prior institutions attended and send official college transcript from each. Failure to do so could result in a reversal of admission decision.

It is important to note that you must be accepted into NCCC before scheduling placement tests (except for those programs, including allied health programs, which require testing PRIOR to acceptance).

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Considering transferring within the SUNY system?

Visit the SUNY transfer page for more information.

Transfer from NCCC

Many students transfer to colleges and universities that do not participate in Dual Admission. Counselors from the Student Development Center can assist in these procedures. SUNY campuses waive the application fee for transfer students who graduate from NCCC.

If the College is a private college the student should apply directly to the transfer institution the semester or year prior to the planned start date. The student should consult Student Development for specific polices as they relate to the transfer institution of their choice.

SUNY is strongly encouraging the use of online applications for transfer students. Counselors in student development can assist with the application procedure. Students who are applying (who are not included in Dual Admission) should also have an official transcript forwarded from Registration and Records to the transfer institution.

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Considering transferring within the SUNY system?

Visit the SUNY transfer page for more information.