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Student Fees

The following fees are assessed on the basis of enrollment status or services rendered. Rates and fees listed below are for the 2016/2017 academic year, and are subject to change.

Rates and Fees
Fee Charge Per Service Rendered
Student Activity Fee $69
FT - Semester
PT - Semester
Student activities costs
Intramural Recreation /  Athletic Fee $80
FT - Semester
PT - Semester 
Costs of recreation programs and intercollegiate athletics
Accident Insurance* (Health and Sickness policies available at additional costs) $11.56 Year or part thereof Required if student does not have health insurance coverage
Technology Fee $70
FT - Semester
PT - Semester
Updating hardware and software technology
Academic Foundation Fee $44 Course To cover costs associated with remedial course work
Allied Health Lab Fee $140 Course To cover additional costs associated with Allied Health Labs and clinicals
Animal Management Lab Fee $168 Course To cover contractual expenses incurred for labs at zoos and aquariums
Bowling Lab Fee $50 Course Maintaining and operating bowling lanes
Baking and Pastry Arts Lab Fee $105 Course To cover the cost of consumed materials and supplies
Culinary Arts Lab Fee $171 Course To cover the cost of consumed materials and supplies
Viticulture Lab Fee $72  Course To cover the cost of consumed materials and supplies
Wine and Beverage Lab Fee $15 Course To cover the cost of consumed materials and supplies
Welding Lab Fee $50 Credit Hour To cover the cost of lab space and consumed materials and supplies
Distance-Learning Fee** $22 Credit Hour To cover the costs of developing and delivering online courses
Payment Plan Fee $45 Semester Administrative costs for the College's tuition payment plan
Late Payment Fee $42 Semester Any account balance, after considering financial aid, remains outstanding at tuition or payment plan due dates
Late Registration Fee $43 Registration All support services and resources required to accommodate students unable to attend regularly scheduled registration. You will be charged the late registration fee if your first registration activity for a term occurs during the late registration period, which begins on the first official day of classes for that term.
Graduation Fee $30 Graduation Cost of ceremonies, printing diplomas, etc.
Transcript Fee $8 Transcript To cover the costs of copying and postage 
Placement Exam Fee $14 Exam To cover costs associated with required entrance testing for matriculation in any degree or certificate program
Portfolio Assessment Fee $150  Portfolio To cover cost of faculty evaluation of a portfolio submitted by a student to document learning acquired through work/life experience
Credit for Prior Learning Fee $25 Credit Hour CPL credit hour fee to be paid for each credit hour awarded through assessment of portfolio (up to a maximum of 14 credits). The first 6 credits are included in the $150 portfolio assessment fee. Students will pay an additional $25 per credit only for credit hours beyond these 6, to cover administrative costs and additional faculty time for assessment
Challenge Exam Administration and Assessment Fee $60 Exam Faculty preparation, administration, and evaluation of challenge exams
ID Card Replacement Fee $8  ID Card Required for access to the College library and functions (first card is free)
Returned Check Fee $25 Item returned  Bank charges and handling costs of returned checks or credit card authorizations
Tobacco Policy Violation Fee $25-$200 Per occurrence; does not reset with term or year $25 - 1st violation; $50-2nd violation; $100 -3rd violation; $200 - 4th and additional violation
Library Fines $0.50 Day/per book Mailing reminders and other related collection efforts
Child Care Fees Variable


* See note

(Registration fee)
Child (waiting-list placement)

Fees cover the costs of salaries for teachers, meals, supplies, and equipment for day care services provided to children of students.
* The variable schedule service charge is structured on a sliding scale, depending on the length of care time and parental incom


Notes to fee table
* Insurance Fee: The insurance coverage is for accidents only and is mandatory. If you have your own coverage, you must sign a waiver card to have the charge removed.

** Distance-Learning Fee: Students who are taking only Distance Learning courses may have some on-campus fees waived.