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Tuition and Fees

Student Financial Obligations

Registering for classes creates a financial obligation for which you are responsible.  This obligation remains regardless of your class attendance.  You may be at risk for de-registration from enrolled classes prior to or at the beginning of a term, if you have a past due financial obligation.  However, it is NEVER guaranteed that any or all classes will be administratively dropped for past due amounts; you remain financially obligated for any class that is not administratively dropped. 

Students are required to electronically sign (E-sign) a Financial Obligation Agreement each term, prior to registration for that term.  The text used for the agreement can be viewed by clicking here.

Students who remit partial payment, and not administratively dropped because of a partial payment, are financially obligated to the College for the unpaid balance, regardless of attendance.

Students who remit payment for charges with a check or credit/debit card which is returned unpaid or disputed (for any reason) become liable for the full amount of all assessed charges plus a returned check/charge fee.

The College will NOT dismiss or waive a debt created by a refund issued to a student based on financial aid when such aid is subsequently canceled or reduced for ANY reason.

The College may refer past due financial obligation amounts to an outside collection agency for further collection efforts.

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The Cashier's Office can be reached at 716-614-6443, or by email Note that the Cashier's Office has adopted the use of email as our only official means of communication with our students. Additionally, FERPA regulations require us to use ONLY your NCCC email (TWolves email) address.