Tuition and Fees

Refund Schedule / Appeals

Refund Schedule

Tuition and fee refund calculations will be based on your OFFICIAL withdrawal date in accordance with College policy and the State University of New York regulations. Refund schedules are published each term and can be found on the College website in detail, and in the Billing Information brochure in summary. The College's general refund policy for full term classes is outlined below; refer to the detailed refund schedule for Mod class refund dates.

Fall, Spring, and Summer Session III; LPN Course

  • 100% refunded prior to start of term
  • 75% refunded during week one of term
  • 50% refunded during week two of term
  • 25% refunded during week three of term
  • 0% refunded after week three of term

Summer Sessions I and II, and Winter Intersession

  • 100% refunded prior to start of term
  • 25% refunded during first week of term
  • 0% refunded after first week of term

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Tuition Refund Request Process

The Student Charges Reversal Committee will review requests received within one year after the end of the term for which the tuition refund is requested. All requests must be submitted on the Student Charge Reversal Request (SCRR) form (available in Cashier's Office), signed by the student, and include supporting documentation. Examples of supporting documentation are: Physician's statement, military activation papers, death certificate, college withdrawal forms, documentation of communication used to support claim, etc. Since detailed information concerning procedures and dates for drop/add, withdrawal from school, and student charge liability schedules are widely publicized, the Student Charges Reversal Committee will not consider requests that are filed for non-compliance with these guidelines.

Requests will be considered for the following reasons:

  • Death of the student or death in the student's immediate family (parent, sibling, offspring, spouse)
  • Medical incapacitation
  • Military Activation
  • Administrative Error