Wellness Center

Health Services

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Room C-122
Phone: 716-614-6275
Fax: 716-614-6817


A well-equipped Health Services Center, located in the Wellness Center, is available to provide services for the College community. Registered nurses are available for emergency treatment of injuries, assessment and care of illness, referrals, and health/wellness counseling. A supply of "over-the-counter" medications is available in the Center for self use.

Students will be referred to an area hospital, their family physician or community health and/or social service agency when necessary and upon request.

All students are required to have accident insurance coverage. If students are not covered by their own insurance, they must participate in the plan offered by the College. Information can be obtained in the Wellness Center.

A collection of current literature on health topics and social concerns is maintained in the Wellness Center. Health related programs are conducted and wellness clinics are available.

Personal Counseling

It is the mission of the NCCC Wellness Center Personal Counselors to provide free and confidential counseling services to students in a safe, friendly environment and to work towards improving the mental health of students with the overall goal of improving their personal, academic, and overall functioning. Counseling services include short term individual therapy, group therapy, educational workshops, consultation services, crisis intervention, and referral services. All aspects of counseling are strength based as counselors work collaboratively with students, staff and community services to provide solution focused therapy to enhance the quality of student life. We are dedicated to empowering students to make informed, positive lifestyle choices, to take responsibility for self care, and to achieve optimal levels of wellness in order to reach their full academic potential. For further information, please visit our personal counseling main page.

Students In Crisis

College is an exciting time for students with new adventures and challenges. While the majority of our students adjust well and have positive experiences, as a staff/faculty member you may encounter a student who appears distressed and may be in crisis. As a Faculty member, your role may be a crucial one in identifying students in crisis and assisting them in finding resources available to them. The attached link will take you to the NCCC Student-In-Crisis Protocol developed by the Personal Counselors in the Wellness Center. For further information, please visit our Students In Crisis page.

Important Notes

Please direct questions regarding the Public Health Laws and vaccination requirements to the Registered Professional Nurses in the Wellness Center.

The Health Services Packet may be downloaded by clicking on the Forms Tab at the top of this page.

You may view the immunizations we have on file by logging onto Banner Web:

  • Click on Personal Information
  • Choose Immunization Data Display

Handicapped Parking

Handicapped parking permits must be obtained through your town. This includes permanent and temporary permits.