Wellness Center

Students In Crisis

College is an exciting time for students with new adventures and challenges. While the majority of our students adjust well and have positive experiences, as a staff/faculty member you may encounter a student who appears distressed and may be in crisis. As a Faculty member, your role may be a crucial one in identifying students in crisis and assisting them in finding resources available to them. The attached link will take you to the NCCC Student-In-Crisis Protocol developed by the Personal Counselors in the Wellness Center. This document will:

  • Define a student in crisis
  • Outline your appropriate role in helping a student in crisis
  • Identify the referral process to NCCC Personal Counseling Services
  • Provide guidelines for responding to suicide/assault/self-harm threats

Student-In-Crisis Protocol

When in doubt or in need of guidance, DO NOT HESITATE to contact Personal Counseling Services at 614-6275 or Public Safety at 614-6400.

Below are Links to some Printable Referral Information

Niagara County


Buffalo and Erie County


Suicide Crisis Phone Numbers for New York State by County