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Active clubs and organizations

If you are interested in any club, watch for flyers announcing meeting dates and times, contact the advisor, or stop by the Student Life Office, G117D, for more information.

Alpha Beta Gamma: An honors-based club for students in business affiliated programs.  Advisor: Laurie Ryan, B115, (716)614-6465.

Art Guild:   This club provides interested students with greater opportunities for exposure and experience in the field of Visual Arts.  Advisor: Barbara Buckman, F132, (716)614-5963 and Ruby Merrit, F153, (716)614-5960.

Black Student Union: A club where the African American Student can obtain assistance, guidance, and direction concerning their transition to college life.  Open to any student.  Advisors: Will Brinson, G242A, (716)614-6258 and Angela Jackson, G225, (716)614-5979. 

Campus Activities Board:  This student group is responsible for creating and coordinating campus special events, such as entertainment, social events, major speakers, etc.  Students gain "hands-on" experience in all aspects of event development.  Also responsible for creating and coordinating events for SHVC (Student Housing Village Corporation).  Students gain "hands-on" experience in all aspects of events.  Advisor:  Meghan Shields, G117C, (716)614-6261.

Collegians for Christ:  Meet new friends, pray, and grow in fellowship with one another.   Advisor: Dave Brown, phone – (716)731-4845.

Cru at NCCC:  The purpose of this chapter is to build movements of people who are transformed by Jesus Christ.  The student-led movements seek to introduce students to Christ, help them to grow in faith, encourage them to passionately live life in a manner consistent with belief in the God of the Bible and inspire commitment to advancing the purposes of God in the world.  Advisor:  Robert Tyrrell, C285, (716)614-6410.

Digital Filmmakers Club:  The NCCC Digital Filmmakers Club promotes collaboration among students who are interested in shooting, editing, writing, producing and performing for video productions.  The club sponsors an annual video festival, guest speakers, on-campus screenings and field trips.  Students are also able to gain hands-on experience as crew members for NCCC in-house productions.  Adivsor:  Bob Borgatti, F141, (716)614-6793.

Foreign Language Club: A club providing the opportunity to learn a variety of languages.  Advisor: Bridget Beilein, E237, (716)614-6717.

Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Club:  Open to all students interested in physical activity and health.  A variety of activities such as bowling, team handball, hiking and community outreach will be offered.   Advisor: John Strong, H164, (716)614-6272.

Honors Club:  Promote scholarship and academics by hosting academic activities as well as improving our own scholarship and academics on campus.  Advisor:  Pamela Lange, E227, (716)614-6877.

Horticulture:   This curriculum-based club provides students with “hands-on” experience in flower arrangement, working in a greenhouse environment, planting and cultivating various floras.  Advisor: Carolyn Stanko, C249, (716)614-6423.

Inspire Club:  The Inspire Club seeks to cultivate a creative and diverse community with our fellow students at NCCC. Our organization will promote creativity and diversity within the NCCC community through events, guest speakers, and community service. We will create a safe environment within our club for all NCCC students to explore their own creativity, become more educated on diversity, and develop a sense of community through participation in community service and outreach. Advisor:  Ted Mallwitz, G223, (716)614-5977.

NFCI Student Club:  If you are interested in Culinary Arts, you are encouraged to participate.  Advisor:  Sabrina Faso, (716)990-2253 & Nathan Koscielski, (716)417-4468.

NSLS NCCC Chapter:  To build leaders who make a better world.  Advisor:  Heather Trumble, G243B, (716)614-6218 and Julia Pitman, A147, (716)614-6241. 

Phi Theta Kappa:  The only International Honor Society for two-year Colleges encompassing all curriculums.  Students are selected for membership based on GPA and cumulative hours.  Advisor: Paul Ratka, E126, (716)614-6758, Corey Wright, A164, (716)614-6897; James Murphy, E256, (716)614-6725; Denise Prohaska, C155, (716)614-4017 and Madison Ackerman, D201B, (716)614-6453. 

Physical Therapist Assistant: A curriculum-based club provides students interested in the field of physical therapy the opportunity to gain valuable insight into this profession.  Advisors: Sue Wehling, C284, (716)614-5912 and Debbie Wyzykiewicz, C284, (716)614-5912. 

Practical Business Club: This club is open to all and promotes student entrepreneurship. Advisor: Laurie Ryan, B115, (716)614-6465.

Pride Alliance:  Provides informal peer grou support to discuss concerns of sexual minorities.  Advisor:  Jesse Goldberg, D102N, (716)614-6741 and Laurie Johnston-Stickney, E130, (716)614-6750.  

Rotaract Club: Advisor: Marissa Pytlak – Surdyke, B124, (716) 614-6742.

Scholars of Tomorrow:  A club that brings together Liberty high school students, their parents and NCCC students in an effort to continue fulfilling the Liberty Partnerships Program categories.  Advisor:  Jamie Reid, G240, (716)614-6891 and Andrea Modeste, G239, (716)614-6892.

The Spirit: The College newspaper gives students an opportunity to experience the world of journalism – Interviewing, writing articles, business, graphic design, layout and web publishing in addition to print are some of the vital experiences that can be attained through working on the Spirit.  Advisor: Randy Rumley, E245, (716)614-6726.

Student Nurses Association: this curriculum based club offers support system for all nursing students. They sponsor community services and fund raisers. Advisor:  Brianne Lawton, C174, (716)614-5947 and Donna Sandretto, C169, (716)614-5944.

Student Senate: This organization promotes the general welfare of the student body and contributes to the campus community while allowing students to participate in an opportunity for involvement in a collegiate government process.  Advisor: Heather Trumble, G243B, (716)614-6218. 

Teacher Education Club: A curriculum based club which explores different education programs through exchange of ideas, speakers, and travels to local colleges. Advisors: Michele Hamilton, E227, (716)614-6708.

Theatre Arts: Auditions are at the beginning of every semester, and are open to ALL students. Allows students to gain acting experience and become involved with other aspects of the theater. Advisor: Katie LoConti, F106, (716)614-6881 and Primo Thomas, F200, (716)614-5958.

Tutoring Association:  This club serves as support for NCCC tutors.  Advisor: Madison Ackerman, D201B, (716)614-6453.

U NEET Club:  A unique mixture of gaming and anime culture.  Come join us and dive into the world of gaming play and anime!  Make new friends through fun competitions.  Then unwind with a viewing of an anime.  Open to all students.  Advisors:  Molly Cole, G243A, (716)614-6263 and Danielle Tomczak, G126, (716)614-5986.  

Veterans Association: The veterans club is open to all students and host events such as the Veterans Day Ceremony, overseas care packages, and fundraising to upgrade our Veterans Memorial Park (located near the main entrance of the campus). Advisor:  Joseph Potalivo, B103, (716)614-6283.

Yu-Gi-Oh:  New and old players come together and learn strategies and sportsmanship and teach new people how to play.  Advisor: Daniel Perlino, E245, (716)560-0367.

Zoo Crew: This is curriculum based club which does fundraising for animal organizations. field trips to various zoos and other animal facilities are offered. Open to all students. Advisor: Aaron Cobaugh, C251, (716)614-6424.  


Art Gallery: Three exhibitions per semester; 2 student exhibitions (one each semester) and 4 regional artists.  Advisor: Lori Stangler F131, (716)870-1129.

Student Ambassadors: students provide assistance to other students, organizations, and other campus activities. Advisor: Heather Trumble, G243B, 614-6218.                 


Advocates for Students with Disabilities Club: Open to all students, this group promotes awareness and sensitivity in the college and community, provides peer support and aids in problem solving. Advisor: Sara Vacin, E106. INACTIVE

Best Buddies Club: Develop 1 on 1 relationships with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. INACTIVE

Cancer Awareness Club:  This club works to spread awareness about multiple types of cancer to the campus and community as well as raises money for various cancer awareness agencies and supports those who are currently fighting. Advisor: Christine Tirella, C277, (716)614-6857.  INACTIVE

Catholic Club:  The Catholic Club is for any NCCC student interested in the Catholic faith.  The group plans activities on and off campus to enrich the Catholic faith.  They are connected to Immaculate Conception parish in Ransomville and can provide transportation to students in the NCCC dorms for Sunday Mass and other parish activities.  Advisor:  Cheri Yager, Wellness Center, 614-6275.  INACTIVE

Computer Science Club: To incorporate educational and professional experiences in a friendly environment. Advisor: Deborah Sorrentino, C213, 614-6855. INACTIVE

Creative Writing Club:  Bring creative writers together and help students with writing essays, stories and articles.  INACTIVE

Criminal Justice Student Association:  Gives members an awareness of educational and job opportunities related to the criminal justice profession.  Advisor:  Jim Mezhir, E151, 614-6763.  INACTIVE

Eco Club: The club will have a culinary focus on recycling and setting up a compost system so culinary students will be more aware of their impact on the environment. INACTIVE

Free Thinkers Club:  This club promotes a free thought philosophy; viewpoints that hold opinions should be formed on the basis of logic and reason and not authority, tradition, or other dogmas.  This is a group of intellectuals that will discuss ideas and debate on them. Advisor: Amanda D. Pollard, E126, 614-6885. INACTIVE

Human Services Club:  Students address the needs of society by collecting clothing, food and presents for children around Christmas.  The club also brings speakers to campus, coordinates graduation for H.S. students and alumni activities, provides an annual scholarship, coordinates community activities (caroling at nursing homes).  Advisor:  Denise Prohaska, C155, 614-622 EXT. 4075.  INACTIVE

Illumination Society: The Illumination Society invites NCCC students interested in the history and practice of animation in all forms. Students will have opportunities to collaborate on animations, travel to Ottawa International Animation Festival, share ideas, participate in the NCCC Video Festival, and organize and attend animation and technical demonstrations. Advisor: Liz Van Verth, D106E, (716)614-5968.  INACTIVE

Job Club: Formed to provide a network environment for students wishing to find that great job.  Club members will help identify guest speakers, assist with the Job Fair activities, recruit employers to conduct on-campus interviews or presentations, and help promote the job search process.  INACTIVE

Massage Therapy Club:  is a club to promote the benefits of massage throughout the college and create community in the program, promote professionalism among MTs and help identify potential career development possibilities. INACTIVE

Medical Assisting Society:  This curriculum-based club provides students interested in the medical field the opportunity to advance the fellowship of professional medical assistance.  Advisor:  Johanna Armstrong, C149, 614-6222 EXT. 482.  INACTIVE

Men's Club Volleyball:  This group is under the intramural and recreation program.  They compete against each team in the area.  Open to all male students.  Advisor:  John Strong, H165, 614-6272.  INACTIVE

Multicultural Student Leadership Forum: is a club led by underrepresented students who are dedicated to promoting the benefits of cultural awareness and diversity at NCCC.  In addition the MSLF is designed to foster a greater sense of tolerance by planning a wide range of broad based campus activities that stimulate cultural and transmission among students and faculty; important hallmarks for enriching the college experience for all students while preparing them for a vastly competitive and diversified world.  INACTIVE

MUSA (Muslim United Student Association): A club where Muslim students can obtain assistance, guidance and direction concerning their transition to college life.  Advisor: Vonetta Rhodes, A161, 614-6246. INACTIVE

NCCC Chamber Ensemble: is a student run music ensemble which focuses on the performance of small instrumental and orchestral works for the enjoyment of music and for community performance. The club encourages musicians of any skill and instrument to come together to make music in an ensemble setting. Advisor: Bradley Wingert, F128, 614-5965.  INACTIVE 

Philanthropists Club: The club focuses on fundraising for different places. Advisor: Bridget Beilein, E237, (716)614-6717.  INACTIVE

Pokemon Club:  To bring together fans of Pokemon, both old and new, and provide a positive environment where both students and non-students can socialize, play and catch em all.  Advisor:  Marc Pietrzkiowski, E226, 614-6807.  INACTIVE

STEM Club (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math):  This club will focus on bringing together and providing a learning environment by arranging facilitated study groups and a support system by the STEM faculty and upper classmen to improve retention.  Advisor: Jerald Truesdell, C272, (716)614-6858.  INACTIVE

Strategic Games Club: This club will help foster and encourage strategic gaming and socialization in its members and affiliate groups, fostering and developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  INACTIVE 

Society of Manufacturing Engineers: This curriculum-based club provides social and informational meeting for students interested in the area of engineering.  Advisor: Frank Boeck, C153, 614-6863. INACTIVE

Soccer Club:  Friendly competition with other NCCC Students.  Advisor:  Amanda Haseley.  INACTIVE

Spiritual Phenomena Investigators (SPIES): A club designed to look at haunted places and hear/tell ghost stories. Advisor: Phil Haseley, E133, 614-6764. INACTIVE

Stock Yo Fridge (SYF): This club allows students to collect food for the local food banks of Western New York. It also makes students aware of healthy food choices. INACTIVE

Surgical Tech:  This curriculum based club which helps students understand and appreciate their chosen profession, stay abreast of changes within the field of surgical technology, prepare for a board exam and develop skills that foster lifelong learning.  Advisor:  Gemma Fournier, C246 614-6708.  INACTIVE

The Unit:  The unit is a step team whose purpose is to create an environment for positive social exchange among men & women and to participate and perform step routines at events on campus.  Advisor:  William D. Brinson, A109, 614-6258.  INACTIVE

Who's Universe:  Open to all students to talk about astronomy and the universe.  Advisor:  Usha Pande, C276, 614-6853.  INACTIVE